7 Things to Think About Before Your Senior Year


Source: https://thescholarshipsystem.com/blog-for-students-families/what-every-student-should-do-before-their-high-school-senior-year/

1.Start Looking for Scholarships ASAP-

Some college deadlines are as early as August. So if you’re a junior reading this right now…stop. Go look for scholarships… Like now.

2. Make a List of Top 5 colleges-

Think of your 2 dream colleges and 3 reasonable colleges. Make a list of their acceptance rates and requirements.

3.Get Those Volunteer Hours In-

You know those little canvas notifications saying “Volunteer Opportunity available”? Well it’s time to stop ignoring those. Get in as much volunteer time as possible. Colleges love that.

4. Get a Part Time Job-

You’re about to be on your own. Take your senior year as time to adjust to having a busier schedule by getting a part time job. This also helps with saving  money for when you’re going to be out of the house.

5. Collect Recommendation Letters  Early- 

You’re going to need recommendations from your teachers. The earlier you can get these, the better. 

6. Plan College Visits- 

This summer would be a great time to visit your top 5 colleges and narrow down your list.

7. FAFSA- 

Everyone needs to apply for this financial aid program. This is money from the government to help pay for college depending on the needs of the student.