HOSA Year Review


HOSA state qualifiers stand together with their medals. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Janson.

      HOSA, known as future health professionals, has had a productive year. With five qualifiers preparing for nationals towards the end of June, and many placing at state, HOSA has brought home many awards this academic school year. 

   Throughout the year, HOSA received many visits for training purposes from different medical professions. October 27th, 2021, HOSA received a visit from Dr. Skinner, a veterinarian from Spring Valley Vet Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. During this visit, HOSA students learned about veterinary  medicine and got the opportunity to learn hands-on with dogs and cats.

   March 28th-29th was HOSA’s state competition. State competition took place at Rolla High School. Competition consisted of completing medical tasks, presenting information, and exams. Kyla Sneed, Cayci Evans, Amber Kwon, Megan Garnier, and LE Workman all placed first in state.  

   “It honestly feels so good and so overwhelming at the same time. When they were calling our names on stage, we were all shaking because we were so nervous, but then we heard that we won and it felt very euphoric,” junior Cayci Evans said. 

   A couple days later, Southwest Missouri Area Health Education Center (AHEC) popped in to see HOSA in action. March 31st, 2022 Southwest Missouri AHEC helped HOSA students with a CPR workshop.

   More recently on April 28th, workers Heather, Lindsay, and Alyssa from Southwest Missouri AHEC set up a suturing workshop. The 2022-23 school year HOSA officers were just recently announced. 

Rachel Schmider- President

Wilson Mao- Vice President

Secretary- Amber Kwon

Treasure- Trishna Petluri

   On Thursday, May 12th, there are four more positions that are waiting to be announced. Cayci Evans, Rylee Smith, Grant Martin, and Summer Weams are all waiting to be notified of their new position for next year. 

   Throughout the entire year, HOSA organized “Vax to the Max.” A program to encourage students to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Students who got the vaccine were told to bring their vaccination cards to the nurse and in return, students received their name on a ticket that went into a monthly raffle drawing. Winners of the raffle earned many gifts such as a shirt, cups, backpack, stickers, and different gift cards. 

   HOSA will continue to be helping the Kickapoo environment next year and winners who place at nationals in June will be announced through the official HOSA Instagram. To find out more information about HOSA, “Vax to the Max”, or to even join this club next year, visit @kickapoo_hosa and @vaxkhs on Instagram or see Mrs. Jenson.