Year Since Quarantine

This picture of a world wearing a mask represents all of the population in quarantine. Photo courtesy of Branch Environmental Inc.

March of 2021 marks one year since everyone’s lives changed forever. Now it’s time to visit upon the details to see what unfortunately hasn’t changed and answer misconceptions about this pandemic.

Thinking back to March 2020, students around the world were excited to have a couple extra weeks of Spring Break, sleeping in, and staying home. Somehow that period of time turned into a never ending cycle of sanitizing, mask wearing, and social distancing. March of 2021 is quickly approaching and the cycle is still continuous. It’s going to officially been one year since everyone’s lives changed forever, one year since the world as we knew it vanished, and one year since countries across the globe have been living in a state of quarantine.


Virtual learning: At the beginning of the new school year, Kickapoo students and others across the nation got the opportunity to learn virtually from home. Since March of 2020 to March of 2021, students are still learning from the comfort of their own homes.

In class schedule: If learning from home just wasn’t for you, then high school students were flexibly learning with the new in class schedule. Until February 1st, students were broken up alphabetically and attended school two days a week, allowing a three day period for online learning and a day for cleaning the school. As of February 1st, the hybrid schedule changed and students are now attending four days a week. Currently, all SPS students are attending school four days a week with the exception on Wednesdays.

Sanitation: With the new COVID-19 school year, students are required to use hand sanitizer before entering and exiting the classroom. Before leaving each period tables need to be wiped down by a sanitizing solution that the school provides before leaving to the next class. To promote cleanliness, odd number classrooms leave one minute after the bell, water fountains are currently unavailable to students, assigned seating is mandatory at lunch, and school releases are organized by grade.

Safety: Students are still required to be masked at all times, with the exception of lunch. Students have to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. Everyone is still following social distancing guidelines by social distancing when possible.

Half capacity: Places around the world are only allowing people into their building at half capacity. Most restaurants have opened up for dining in but masks are required when you’re not seated. Shopping centers still count how many people are currently in the store and half capacity signs are hung on the outside of walls and windows of many places.

COVID-19: Obviously and unfortunately, COVID-19 is still very much existing. Though as a nation we are slowly taking steps forwards such as dropping stay at home orders, going out with friends, worshipping at church, and other activities everyone enjoyed before the world shut down. The mask mandate is still in effect and most are doing what they can to be safe while in the public eye and likely will be for much longer.

While we are continuing to live our lives to what we consider the new normal, we are finding out much more about COVID-19 than we ever have before. Hopefully with the future months, we can say goodbye to 2020’s continuous pandemic. Finally we could step out and breathe fresh air, hug our friends, and gather with others. For now, everyone’s just adjusting to the new normal, which doesn’t seem to be very new anymore.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic the media has been responsible for all different types

This scientist is working with medicine and potentially finding a cure. Photo courtesy of MCT Direct.

of rumors. Down below are some of the most common misconceptions of the virus and the correct and appropriate answers to them.


Myth #1: COVID-19 was purposefully created by people.

Truth: Viruses change over the course of time. Animals such as pigs and birds carry viruses that can pass to humans. Scientists say that COVID-19 originated from bats which passed to humans and from that point, spread across the world.

Myth #2: Children will be forced to receive the

Frontline care workers are receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Photo courtesy of MCT Direct.

COVID-19 vaccine.

Truth: Currently the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is for people 16 and older and the Moderna vaccine for people 18 and older.

Myth #3: The purpose of wearing a mask is to protect myself from getting sick.

Truth: No mask can keep all of an infected droplet out, but more importantly, the mask keeps in the infected droplets to protect others around.

Myth #4: The COVID-19 vaccine contains a microchip.

An inside look of a hospital room. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Truth: No injections, COVID-19 related or not, contains microchips, nanochips, or a tracking device. Similar to the way shipments and deliveries are tracked, shipments of the injection will

be closely monitored as they are sent and given to citizens across the country.

Myth #5: You have to be elderly or have an underlying

health condition to become seriously sick or be admitted into the hospital.

A close-up photo of the Moderna vaccine bottle. Photo courtesy of MCT Direct.


Truth: No matter what age, people all over are becoming sick from COVID-19. The risk of catching the virus can increase with age, underlying diseases, diabetes, severe obesity, and more, but COVID-19 affects everyone; from infants to the elderly.

Myth #6: Wearing a mask will make me sick from breathing in my own carbon


People of all ages can get infected and this infant represents that. Photo courtesy of MCT Direct.

Truth: Before COVID-19, health care workers have worn masks without any side effects. The CDC recommends cloth masks since they are more breathable. Wearing masks does not increase your risk for hypoxia, which is when your oxygen levels drop. Also, the carbon dioxide will move throughout your mask as you inhale and exhale.

Myth #7: The virus will disappear when the summer season arises.

Truth: Some viruses, like the cold and flu, spread easier within the colder months. Scientists are not completely sure, but evidence suggests that COVID-

This mask in the street represents someone who took their mask off. There is no threat of breathing in carbon dioxide while wearing a mask. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

19 can be transmitted no matter what temperature.

Myth #8: Once a person gets the vaccine, they do not have to wear a mask or social distance.

Truth: When you get your first dose of the vaccine, a person doesn’t not become immediately immune to the virus. “It takes at least a week to 10 days for your body to begin to develop antibodies and then those antibodies continue to increase over the next several weeks,” says Chairman

of the Department of Inflammation and Immunity at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute,  Dr. Thaddeus Stappenbeck.

Myth #9: Now that people are starting to get the vaccines, the pandemic will be

When the summer season arrives, COVID-19 will not fade away. This beach received a lot of travelers before COVID-19. Photo courtesy of MCT Direct.

over quickly.


Truth: When the disease is no longer likely to spread, which is called herd

immunity, 70% of the population will need to have been


Myth #10: Once you catch COVID-19 one time, you’re automatically immune.

Truth: It is rare, but the CDC has reported cases of

reinfection throughout the span of the COVID-19 outbreak. Scientists theorize

This diagram is a reminder to people to remain socially distanced. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

that similar to other viruses, you can catch COVID-19 more than once.


“In addition, we do not know for certain how long the antibodies will last and if they will prevent future

infection,” says Dr. Segal- Maurer, director of the Dr. James J. Rahal. Jr. Division of Infection Diseases at New York Presbyterian Queens.


This timeline creation highlights the two most important events about COVID-19 in the months of March to December of 2020.


The Future of Kickapoo’s Baseball

These current eighth graders are the possible future of Kickapoo’s baseball team. All of these players were on Kickapoo’s Tribe traveling team over the Summer of 2020 and some are preparing for freshman tryouts in March.


Happy Holiday Facts

Happy Holiday Facts

After the chaos that 2020 has brought us all this year, lighten the mood with these holiday fun facts!

  1. American’s usually spend around $1,500 on gifts each year.
  2. The song Jingle Bells was the first song ever to be played in space.
  3.  The NORAD, also known as the North American Aerospace Defense Command has been tracking Santa’s journey around the globe since the year 1958.
  4. Spiders are usually unwanted animals but in Ukraine, they are considered symbols of good luck at Christmas.
  5. There is a Christmas tree in Canada that is worth $15 million.
  6.  In November of 2013, a house in Texas was 42 feet wide and 10.1 feet tall… it was all made of gingerbread!
  7. Americans spend around $2 billion on holiday goodies each year.
  8. 8.5 million lights are involved to decorate Disney World during the holiday seasons.
  9.  The popular tradition of putting up a Christmas tree is more than 500 years old.
  10. In Arizona, there is a 30 foot Christmas tree composed of tumbleweeds.

*All photo credits courtesy of MCT Direct*

More Than a Game of Pitch and Catch


  Under the brightness of the stadium lights, the pitcher can make out her catcher’s hand signal.

  The bases are loaded, it’s the last inning, and there’s a full count.

  The Kickapoo Chiefs are up by one.

  The catcher positions herself and the pitcher takes a deep breath, then starts her stride.

  She extends her leg and brings around her arm to throw her change-up. As the ball moves throughout the air, the catcher’s eyes carefully watch it.

  The batter swings too early and the softball lands into the webbing of catchers mitt. The Lady Chiefs run together as the crowd erupts into cheer. They won the game.

  The relationship between a pitcher and a catcher is like no other on a team.

  The pitcher relies on their catcher to receive their pitches and make the key plays in a game, including throwing down, retrieving most of the bunts, and tagging people out at home plate.

  The catcher relies on their pitcher to trust her throughout the season, throw the pitches according to her hand signal, and be there to back her up when a runner is coming home.

  When softball pitchers seniors, Ellie Facklam and Jaden LaBarge teamed up with catchers, junior, Kate Pierce and sophomore, Callie Muldoon, it made for a pretty great game of “This or That.” Team number one was Ellie and Kate facing off against team number two,  Jaden and Callie.

  The rules were simple. When given a “This or That” question, Kate and Callie had to match the answers to what they think their pitchers were going to say. In round two, Ellie and Jaden had to match what they thought their catchers were going to say.

  Some questions were softball related and some were just for fun and good laughs.

  In round one, catchers Kate and Callie are trying to match their answers to Ellie and Jaden’s.

  In round two, pitchers Ellie and Jaden are trying to match their answers to Kate and Callie.

  Here were the questions and which team got them right:


Round One-

Ellie’s Answers:

Batting or fielding?

Ellie: Batting

Day or night?

Ellie: Night

Dogs or cats?

Ellie: Dogs

Home or away games?

Ellie: Home

Bunting or swinging?

Ellie: Swinging


Kate’s Answers:

Batting or fielding?

Kate: Batting

Day or night?

Kate: Day

Dogs or cats?

Kate: Dogs

Home or away games?

Kate: Home

Bunting or swinging?

Kate: Swinging


Callie’s Answers:

Batting or fielding?
Callie: Batting

Day or night?

Callie: Night

Dogs or cats?

Callie: Dogs

Home or away games?

Callie: Away

Bunting or swinging?

Callie: Swinging


Jaden’s Answers:

Batting or fielding?

Jaden: Batting

Day or night?

Jaden: Night

Dogs or cats?

Jaden: Dogs

Home or away games?

Jaden: Home

Bunting or swinging?

Jaden: Swinging


Round Two-

Ellie’s Answers:

Fruits or vegetables?

Ellie: Fruits

Pop or country music?

Ellie: Pop

Fly or ground balls?

Ellie: Fly

Math or English?

Ellie: Math

Coffee or Soda?

Ellie: Coffee

Kate’s Answers:

Fruits or vegetables?

Kate: Fruits

Pop or country music?

Kate: Country

Fly or ground balls?

Kate: Fly

Math or English?

Kate: Math

Coffee or Soda?

Kate: Coffee


Callie’s Answers:

Fruits or vegetables?

Callie: Vegetables

Pop or country music?

Callie: Country

Fly or ground balls?

Callie: Fly

Math or English?

Callie: Math

Coffee or Soda?

Callie: Coffee


Jaden’s Answers:

Fruits or vegetables?

Jaden: Fruits

Pop or country music?

Jaden: Country

Fly or ground balls?
Jaden: Fly

Math or English?

Jaden: English

Coffee or Soda?

Jaden: Coffee

  After playing the game, all four softball girls had a small interview, and here is what they had to say:

 Ellie Facklam: Softball Pitcher

  How long have you been playing for Kickapoo’s softball team?

  “This is my fourth year playing for Kickapoo.”

  What are your opinions on Kate?

  “The team would not be the same without Kate. She is the team comedian and one of the hardest workers on the team.”

  Out of all the positions, why do you pitch?

  “I pitch because I like to be in control of the game and it is a high action position.”

  What has been your favorite part of playing for Kickapoo?

  “My favorite part about Kickapoo is getting the opportunity to compete and play alongside my best friends.”

  What are your thoughts on this season so far?

  “We have started the season off very well, and we hope to continue our success for the rest of the season.”

Jaden LaBarge: Softball Pitcher

  How long have you been playing for Kickapoo’s softball team?

  “This is my second year playing at Kickapoo.”

  What are your opinions on Callie?

  “Callie is one of my best friends and I love having her behind the plate because she knows me, and we connect so well.”

  Out of all the positions, why do you pitch?

  “I started pitching from a coach telling me I would be a good pitcher. I just stuck with it until now because I am not one to quit things, and I also love being a part of every play.”

  What has been your favorite part of playing for Kickapoo?

  “My favorite part of playing for Kickapoo is playing with my great teammates and playing for amazing coaches who have pushed me and made me the player I am today”

  What are your thoughts on this season so far?

  “So far this season is going really well. I am kinda sad that because of COVID a couple of our really good tournaments got cancelled, but I am just glad we have a season as of right now.”

Kate Pierce: Softball Catcher

  How long have you been playing for Kickapoo’s softball team?

  “I have been playing Kickapoo Softball for 3 years.”

  What are your opinions on Ellie?

  “Ellie is one of the best pitchers/players that I know. Ellie always keeps me laughing and having a good time during practices and games. She is my best friend and I can’t imagine softball and life without her.”

  Out of all the positions, why do you catch?

  “I catch because I love getting the opportunity to be involved in every play on the field. Catching allows me to be the coach on the field and I love getting to be a leader for my team.”

  What has been your favorite part of playing for Kickapoo?

  “My favorite part about playing for Kicapoo is getting able to play with the most amazing coaches and teammates. My teammates are truly my best friends and we always have so much fun together when we play.”

    What are your thoughts on this season so far?

  “So far, we are having a really great season, and I can’t wait to see where our season takes us.”

Callie Muldoon: Softball Catcher

  How long have you been playing for Kickapoo’s softball team?

  “I have been playing at Kickapoo for 2 years now.”

  What are your opinions on Jaden?

  I think that Jaden is such a hard worker, loves to win, and is in love with the game. She always has fun when she’s playing and makes the most out of every game, and I’m proud to call her one of my best friends.”

  Out of all the positions, why do you catch?

  “I was put into catching when I was 12 because my coach thought I would be good at it, and I’ve loved it ever since!”

  What has been your favorite part of playing for Kickapoo?

  “My favorite part about playing for Kickapoo has been being able to meet some of my best friends on the team and having such amazing coaches that help me become a better player and person everyday.”

  What are your thoughts on this season so far?

  “I think that this season we are gonna go to state! We have such an amazing group of girls that are so talented and I think that if all of us set our minds on winning each game at night, we are going to be unstoppable! We have two amazing pitchers and great seniors that will lead us there!”

  A pitcher and catcher’s relationship is what completes the team. Ellie, Jaden, Kate, and Callie clearly support each other extremely well.

  They all have a deep bond and a close friendship. Along with the other girls who play their positions, Kickapoo’s softball team is a close family.  

  If you want to support these girls plus the rest of Kickapoo’s softball team, go show them some love at their games.

  Go Chiefs!

Beverage Breakdown

   Starbucks. We all know it, most of us have had it, and the majority knows how popular it is. From the trends of posting each of your favorite drinks on Instagram, to visiting the mall just to get a caffeinated fix with your friends, Starbucks has become a major cultural influence. 

  However, it’s time that we all had a new perspective of this mermaid mascotted café. 

  Now that it’s the midst of pumpkin-spice everything season, here are some widely popular fall drinks that Starbucks has to offer. 

  These well-known autumn beverages consist of pumpkin-spice lattes, pumpkin cream cold brews, pumpkin-spice caramel macchiatos, and pumpkin-spice cremes. 

  One 16 ounce (medium) pumpkin-spice latte with whipped cream contains 280 calories.  

  A grande (medium) pumpkin-spice cold brew contains 380 calories. A medium pumpkin-spice caramel macchiato is 370 calories. Finally, a pumpkin creme has 310 calories. 

  If you’re not interested in these fall drinks, then maybe the foods and their fall flavors might be more appealing.

  Starbucks ’ seasonal menu offers pumpkin scones, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, and pumpkin bread. 

  Their pumpkin scone topped with sugary icing. The pumpkin cream cheese muffin is topped with pumpkin seeds. 

  However, the pumpkin bread is not a seasonal item and is available all year round.

  If pumpkin spice just isn’t your cup of tea but you are still craving that fall feeling, then here are some alternative drinks. A few examples are the cinnamon dolce latte, caramel apple spice, a salted caramel mocha, and a toasted graham latte. 

  One 16 ounce sized cinnamon dolce latte holds 170 calories. A medium-sized caramel apple spice and the salted caramel mocha are both 290 calories.

  Now the cost of a few drinks. The prices for all drinks will be based on a grande (medium) size. 

  A pumpkin-spice latte and the salted caramel mocha are $4.95, a cinnamon dolce latte is $4.25, and a caramel apple spice is $3.45.

  If you’re not interested in leaving the comfort of your own home for a Starbucks coffee, there are recipes that can use to make your favorite coffee in your kitchen. 

  If you want to make your own pumpkin-spice latte, then follow this recipe:


  ½ tablespoons of sugar

  2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree

  ½ tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice

  ½ cup of brewed coffee

  ½ cups of your choice of milk


  Combine all of the ingredients to a pan and mix together

  Turn the stove on medium heat and bring to a simmer

  Turn the stove off and add your beverage to your favorite mug 

  Top it with whipped cream, leftover pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon



If you’re craving the popular iced caramel macchiato, follow these instructions:


  1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of vanilla syrup

  1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of caramel sauce

  1 cup of ice

  1 cup of milk or milk substitute

  2 shots of espresso (or 80 ml of strongly brewed coffee)


  Combine the ice, vanilla syrup, milk, and espresso

  Mix together until it’s fully blended

  Drizzle the caramel sauce over the top



  Then, there is this caramel apple spice recipe:


  64 ounces of apple juice

  ½ cup of white sugar

  ½ cup of packed brown sugar

  2 tablespoons of flour

  ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon

  1 cup of water

  1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

  1 cup of heavy whipping cream

  5 tablespoons of powdered sugar

  ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

  Dash of cinnamon 

  Caramel sauce 


  Add the apple juice to a large pot to warm over medium heat, but do not bring to a boil

  In a smaller pot mix the sugars, flour, and cinnamon together

  Stir in the water and bring to a light boil for 2 minutes

  Remove from heat and allow syrup to thicken

  Add in the vanilla extract

  Pour the syrup into the steamed apple juice 

  Serve immediately and top with whipped cream

  Homemade whipped cream:

  Combine whipping cream and powdered sugar in a cold bowl

  Beat together with a cool mixer for 2-3 minutes on high speed until it is light and fluffy

  Be careful not to overmix

  *If desired then top the whipped cream with a drizzle of caramel sauce



  Starbucks seems like it’s always been super popular. Whether it’s the wrongly spelled names on the cups to the trendy seasonal drinks, these cafés sell just over 8,000,000 cups a day. 

  Some think that Starbucks is overpriced or it just doesn’t taste good. To others, Starbucks is a passion and they couldn’t imagine life without their morning cup of joe. 

  Now that nutrition facts, prices, and some DIY recipes are being revealed, it’s up to the people to decide if they want to outgrow this cultural trend of Starbucks.

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