Speech and Debate 2021-2022 Recap

Take a look back at our speech and debate team’s past season.


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Kickapoo speech and debate’s 2021-2022 season was filled with first place wins and history making achievements.
Starting the year off strong at the Glendale local debate tournament, Kickapoo had eleven debaters place in the top six of their debate categories.
Kyla Sardina placed third in oratory speech, partners Xander St. Clair and Alex Villareal took third in policy debate, partners Brooke Chaffin and Hanna Holdway placed fourth in Lincoln-Douglas, partners Livia Harris and Brynleigh Hill placed fourth in policy, partners Mallory Cram and Bella Woods took fourth in policy, Hunter Maggard placed sixth in informative speaking, Jack Presley took sixth in humorous interpretation, and Brooke Chaffin placed sixth in dramatic interpretation.
This tournament was the first of the year, and there were only more high placements and achievements that followed.
In October, while debating at the Iowa Caucus national circuit tournament, policy partners Blaine Montford and Carson Kennedy became the first public school policy team in Missouri history to receive a bid to the Tournament of Champions.
At the Francis Howel local tournament, which happened at the same time as the Iowa Caucus national tournament, five debaters received top six placements in their debate category. Luke Bowman received second in Lincoln-Douglas and fifth in informative speaking, River Harris placed second in interp, Abby Stowe placed third in Lincoln-Douglas, Hunter Maggard placed fourth in radio, and Brooke Chaffin placed sixth in radio.
The next tournament, Nixa, marked Kickapoo’s premier first place victory, with Luke Bowman placing first in informative speaking.
At the Clayton local debate tournament, Keyton Meador, partners Blake Dodd and Patrick Terry, Jackson Witte, and Alex Villareal all placed fourth in Lincoln-Douglas, public forum, radio, and novice Lincoln-Douglas, respectively.
The next local tournament, Bronx Science, partners Avery O’Neal and Youngha Rissler took fifth in policy.
These local tournaments led up to the local Springfield Catholic tournament, which was marked by multiple first place wins and Kickapoo taking second overall in sweeps.
Partners Kassidy Ellis and Hunter Maggard, Brynleigh Hill and John Lawson, Luke Bowman, and Avery O’Neal all took first in public forum, policy, informative speaking, and congressional debate, respectively. Abby Stowe, Luke Bowman, and Youngha Rissler all took second in their respective events, which are Lincoln-Douglas, oratory, and congressional debate. Brynleigh Hill placed third in congressional debate along with partners Cooper Peck and Kyle West, who placed third in policy. Cooper Peck, partners Blake Dodd and Patrick Terry, Pyrson Housenga, Abby Stowe, partners Brett Faucett and Jackson Witte, and Luke Bowman placed fourth in their respective events, of which are radio speaking, public forum, novice Lincoln-Douglas, congressional debate, novice public forum, and Lincoln-Douglas. Two Kickapoo policy teams also tied for fourth place, which were Avery O’Neal and Youngha Rissler, and Jacob Hall and Riley Rector. Blake Dodd finished sixth in congressional debate.
Next, at the Mamaronek national circuit tournament, partners Blaine Montford and Carson Kennedy placed first and went undefeated in policy.
At the following national circuit tournament, varsity policy partners Blaine Montford and Carson Kennedy placed first and earned their third bid to the Tournament of Champions.
Montford was named first best overall speaker, and Kennedy was named second best overall speaker. In novice policy debate, partners Brynleigh Hill and Livia (River) Harris placed second. Hill was named first best speaker overall, and Harris was named third best speaker overall. In varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate, Abby Stowe placed fourth. In congressional debate, Blake Dodd placed fifth.
At the local Rockbridge tournament, Blake Dodd and Partick Terry placed first in champ public forum. Riley Rector and Jacob Hall placed third in champ policy. Luke Bowman and Lori Fanatia both placed sixth in oratory and informative speaking, respectively.
At the Pennsbury national circuit tournament, Blaine Montford and Carson Kennedy took fifth in champ policy.
In the next local tournament, Say Smart Words, Della Ashby and Kyla Sardina took second in duo, Jacob Hall and Riley Rector took third in duo, Luke Bowman took first in informative speaking, and Jack Presley and John Lawson went undefeated in policy.
As the regular debate season came to a close, it was time to start preparing for the tournaments which allow debaters to qualify to big tournaments such as MSHSAA state or NSDA nationals. These qualifying tournaments are called districts.
At the MSHSAA Districts, Luke Bowman took district champion in informative speaking. Blake Dodd and Patrick Terry became back-to-back public forum state qualifiers. District finalists for this tournament included Kyla Sardina, Della Ashby, Jacob Hall, and Riley Rector.
At NSDA Districts, Patrick Terry qualified for nationals in United States Extemporaneous Speaking, Maggie Kester qualified in big questions, Blaine Montford and Abby Stowe both qualified in congressional debate, and Youngha Rissler and Blake Dodd both qualified in Extemporaneous Speaking.
At MSHSAA State, Luke Bowman placed eighth overall in informative speaking.
While the school year and many of the annual debate tournaments have concluded, the debate season is not over yet. NSDA nationals and NCFL nationals both occur this summer.
Kickapoo debate had an achievement filled year, and there is sure to be more to come with the next.