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A clock shows the time 1:23 AM.

How to Pull an All-Nighter

As the clock ticks closer and closer to the last day of school, another less exciting event is coming up: finals. Here's some tips from a burntout senior on how to prepare for the inevitable 3:00 AM study-sesh.
Shalla Bowers, Opinion Editor April 28, 2023

Snacks Carbs, carbs, and more carbs are going to be your best friend when you start to doze off. You are going to want a family size box of crackers, a bag of chips, and some of your favorite candy...

Bella McDonnell (11)

The Future is Female: Springfield Robotics Beats Gender Statistics

An all-girls team is a rariety in robotics. In Springfield, it's been the norm.
Shalla Bowers, Opinion Editor March 3, 2023

Housed at Kickapoo High School, Springfield Robotics is on the bleeding edge of gender diversity with one of the only all-girl teams in Southwest Missouri. While numbers have been increasing,...

Smiling and laughing, students pet a therapy dog in the library.

Barking Up The Right Tree

Man’s best friend helps students de-stress before finals.
Shalla Bowers, Opinion Editor December 15, 2022

Sleepless nights, GPA calculators, plenty of dry shampoo, and oh yeah, what are jeans again? Tis’ the season Chiefs, finals are upon us. The school librarians decided to relieve this pressure...

Ragdoll cat Dina models her bumblebee costume.

Pet Costume Superlatives

Take a look at the most BOO-tiful Halloween costumes of Kickapoo, pet style.
Shalla Bowers, Opinion Editor October 17, 2022

Most likely to star in “Barbie as the Island Princess”: Hank, Golden Retriever Most likely to be picked from a melon farm: Violet, Black Lab Most likely to be on the producing...

Pro-choice protesters voice their disdain for the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion. Photo courtesy of Anna Berkheimer.

Protect Roe v. Wade

Shalla Bowers, Reporter May 20, 2022

The Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade is objectively constitutional and necessary to the societal progression of the United States. The 1973 Roe v. Wade case was decided on a 7-2 majority decision. One of...

From a Legal Perspective

From a Legal Perspective

Roe v. Wade has landed into some hot water with the latest leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion deciding Dobbs v. Jackson. Abortion is surrounded by all sorts of moral questions, but there is a legal one to consider as well. Is Roe v. Wade constitutional, or does it need to be overturned? Here are our takes on this legal question.
Kylie Burks and Shalla Bowers May 20, 2022


Kickapoo High Schools Speech and Debate logo.

Speech and Debate 2021-2022 Recap

Take a look back at our speech and debate team's past season.
Shalla Bowers, Reporter May 19, 2022

Kickapoo speech and debate’s 2021-2022 season was filled with first place wins and history making achievements. Starting the year off strong at the Glendale local debate tournament, Kickapoo...

This graphics information was sourced from a 2021 study called Women in the Workplace. It was conducted by and McKinsey & Company, and is the largest analysis of the state of women in the American workforce to date.

[Photo] Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss

April 29, 2022

This graphic's information was sourced from a 2021 study called "Women in the Workplace". It was conducted by and McKinsey & Company, and is the largest analysis of the state of women in the...

Empty hangers decorate the empty closet. A new wardrobe is desperately needed.

Shopping Summer Trends on a Budget

Staying on trend doesn’t have to drain your pockets if you shop smart.
Shalla Bowers, Reporter April 29, 2022

With summer approaching, many people may want to trade in their winter coats for crop tops to liven up their wardrobe. But it can be hard to keep up with seasonal fashion, especially if you don’t...

Olympic logo, photo courtesy of Wikimedia

More Than Just Drug Use Violations

Competitive fairness should not be punished so inconsistently at the highest level of athleticism in the world.
Shalla Bowers, Reporter March 4, 2022

Olympic rules are not being enforced equally or fairly, and athletes are suffering because of it. Sha’Carri Richardson and Kamila Valieva, both Olympic level athletes, had similar falls from grace....