Orchestra Year In Recap


The school year is almost over, and for most clubs they are working towards their last project, or slowly going over and recapping before their last days. Orchestra has had a great year, playing in concerts and learning pieces of music to play for us students and parents to hear and enjoy. 

Orchestra has performed here at Kickapoo High School, at Glendale High School, and in front of many judges. They have had one big concert per season, They also got “1” at the contest, which is a very impressive performance and great accomplishment for them, 

Seeing students getting better at their pieces and learning new songs can be inspirational in a way. Students in orchestra take pride in learning and being able to perform these pieces. 

“I like being able to learn and practice new pieces”, Junior Madison Arthur said. 

With Seniors graduating, it left big shoes to fill for other members. With a big group of freshman to back up the seniors, they will be able to adapt. To help them, they changed seating to have every freshman with an advanced student. This is to have a “veteran” orchestra student next to them to help and give them advice.

“They will be a great new addition to the orchestra”, said Arthur.