Ditch the Parties!

This Halloween, ditch the parties and try some of these activities instead!


Take a pail and go trick or treating!

      Make Halloween treats

   One great way to celebrate the holiday where kids get sweet treats is to decorate some for yourself. Bake some cookies and snatch the icing, or if you’re ready to break out the tinsel, try making a haunted gingerbread house.

   Tell Spooky Stories around a bonfire

   Gather your friends and family around a toasty fire, make s’mores, and tell all the scary stories your heart desires. A classic aspect of every camping horror flick is also a great way to get some spook this Halloween.

   Watch Horror movies

   The most reliable way to have a fun Halloween is to grab some popcorn, a handful of candy, and prepare to be terrified. Watching horror movies is a textbook part of the spooky season.

   Visit a Haunted House

   If you’re more of a thrill seeker, or just don’t feel like watching a movie, going to a haunted house is another great way to spend the night. The adrenaline rush might be just the thing to warm you up on that chilly night.

   Look at the decorated houses

   Going around a festive neighborhood is always a fun way to get some fresh air! If you want to have some extra fun, dress up, and maybe bring a pet who’s in a costume too for a bit of companionship.

   Decorate pumpkins

   Carve a couple of jack-o-lanterns to impress your neighbors with your skills, or paint the pumpkins for a night of less-mess fun.

   Make some pumpkin seed snacks

   There are tons of recipes online for how to use your pumpkin seeds! Why not get rid of some guts and make yourself a treat?

   Make some decorations

   Whether you’re starting early for next year, or you want to hop on getting ready for the next holiday you celebrate, making your own decorations is a fun way to spend time while waiting for trick or treaters to stop by!

   No matter how you spend your time on Halloween, there’s more to do than trick or treating or going to parties. Stay safe and have a happy Halloween!