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Life After High School

Prepping for the Leap: A guide for seniors to get ready for life after high school.
Photo by Abby Galyean
2023 seniors toss their graduation caps in the air as they prepare to embark on a new part of their life. This photo was also used as the back cover photo of 2023 fourth quarter KHQ magazine.

    It’s happening. You are one semester down in your last year of high school. That means one more until you graduate and start the next chapter of your life. Are you ready?

    Here is a quick checklist to see if you are prepared.

Look into colleges

   If you’re thinking you want to go to college, it’s time to start scheduling college visits. Some students attend college tours during their sophomore and junior years. However, it’s never too late. 

    Even if you are interested in traveling out of state, at the very least look at Missouri State University (MSU) or Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC). Our school allows you four excused college visit days throughout your entire high school career. All you have to do is turn in a paper from the college proving you were there. 

     After all of that you’ll want to start writing your college essays, and getting them up to the standards your college would expect. You can always ask your counselor for help with researching your college choice, they know more than you think. 

Check your transcripts

   You would be surprised at the credits you need that slip through the cracks. For example, fine art credits, and even those P.E credits for all the non-athletes. You don’t want to be finding out at the last second you forgot to take personal finance.  

   Don’t forget if you are in Kickapoo U that your class requirements are more rigorous. 

Meet with your counselor  

    Your counselor will meet with you individually and schedule a time that would be best for you to discuss your future. Be prepared to answer questions about your career path, what classes you’d need on a resume for that career, and if you’ve started your resume.

    If you already know the college you’re attending, and you’ve already thought about those steps. Here are some more tasks you’ll need to complete:

Research your campus

 Sounds crazy right? You’ve already researched your college, why do it again? However, you probably only researched the academic component of that college. 

   You’ll need to find where you’re going to live. Also find where the nearest grocery store or restaurant in the area is. You may need to find a good laundromat as well if you’re far away from your parents. 

     All of these factors are just as important, if not more, as the classes you want to take there. Don’t worry though, Google Maps has your back. Just type in your campus and let Google research the rest.


    First, you need to decide if you can drive to your campus or if you have to fly. If you have to fly, you must organize how you will transport yourself to places. You have two options: Uber to the places you need or take up some physical fitness and walk. 

     If either of those doesn’t seem right for you, many colleges offer transportation systems. Most have shuttles or bus routes that allow direct access to the campus and nearby businesses.

Manage your finances

    You should never spend more than you have in your pocket or your bank account. This will be difficult for some of you however, you need to be smart. You never know when you need to pay a fee for a test, or you need supplies for a class. 

   Mom and Dad aren’t behind you sprinkling money over your head. Choose your expenses wisely.   

   If you don’t feel prepared even after reading through this list, it’s normal. Almost 75% of high school seniors never feel that they are ready to start their life after they graduate according to You’re not in this alone. 

   While you are still a Chief, use the resources given to you while you still have access. Good luck seniors and have a great last holiday break in high school.

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