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Gifting Around the Globe!

Learning the etiquette of gift giving for other cultures.
Giving a gift is kind no matter what, but other cultures have different traditions when giving a gift.

   While giving a gift is a thoughtful act of kindness, it might be perceived as rude on some level if you don’t pay attention to cultural gifting etiquette. 

   This is why you should take a look at how others gift around the globe!


   Be careful to avoid gifts that may bring bad luck. In China, giving something that’s a homophone for something bad might be perceived as giving the bad version of that to the person. 

   For example, the Mandarin word for shoe is pronounced the same as the word for evil, so gifting shoes would seem as though you’re giving someone bad luck. 

   When you present or receive the gift, you should use both hands as a sign of respect. It’s also expected that the recipient shouldn’t open the present right away and later reciprocate with a gift of equal or appropriate value. 


   Giving gifts in person is a big part of the etiquette in France. This is because sending it to the person’s home is seen as creepy and awkward. It’s more thoughtful to wait until you see the person so that you can avoid this uncomfortable situation.

   Another thing to pay attention to is the quality of the gift. If you give someone something cheap and tacky, it’s seen as an insult. It’s okay if your gift isn’t expensive or elaborate, but something high quality is important to pay respect.


   In India, gifting for the occasion is very important. For birthdays and special occasions you can’t go wrong with clothing and jewelry.

   When wrapping the presents, the packaging is carefully chosen with respect for the receiver, typically using unique wrapping paper or scarves and fabric tied with ribbon or twine. This makes it all the more important to graciously accept a gift despite any flaws that there might be.


   In Germany, no matter the gift, it’s expected to be of high quality. Since most Germans are proud of their nation, going for something locally made is always a good choice. This is because it’s a sign of respect for the recipient, which is similar to gifting high quality items in France.

   It’s also important to not get something that might be a surprise. In German gifting culture, choosing something that can be expected is better than choosing something that can’t be. 

   Another thing to keep in mind is the timing of when you give your present. Work and personal lives are never intertwined and if your gift can be mistaken as a joke, it’s considered unacceptable and rude.

   Hopefully this guide helps you give your gifts in a way that’s respectful to the culture of your foreign friends and family!

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