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What it Takes to Be A Part of The Cabinet

Becoming a part of Cabinet isn’t as easy it seems, dedication and determination are key factors.
Photo by Kya Johnson
Cabinet hosting our blood drive we hold 3 times a year, in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

  2024 to 2025 Cabinet interest meetings have recently come to an end. The current student Cabinet and advisors will soon choose your school leaders for the following school year. 

   What does it truly take to become a part of the school student Cabinet? With some advice from our current Cabinet members and advisors, here is how it’s done!

    Being a part of the Cabinet takes more responsibility than being led on. Cabinet takes a lot of time inside and out of the school hours.

   “Students who apply for cabinet positions need to be committed and willing to put in the same amount of effort as the other 15 Cabinet members,” Cabinet advisor Kim Harris said.

So, how does one apply?

    First, one will be asked to go to an interest meeting to apply for cabinet positions when the dates are announced. Next, one will be asked to make a portfolio of the new ideas that could make the cabinet and school more cohesive.

   “We expect students to go all out on this portfolio. if we see minimal effort, that just shows us the effort you would put into our school,” Harris said.

   She explained they pick the Vice President and President first before opening applications to the other 14 positions. 

    The 14 positions are chosen by Harris as well as the newly elected President and Vice President for the following school year. 

    Being a part of the Cabinet takes dedication, effort, and a positive attitude.

    “It is truly a great experience but it’s also a lot of hard work, you have to be willing to work with others and accept feedback,” 2023 to 2024 Cabinet President Kya Johnson said.

   Cabinet is all about having a positive mindset and collaborating with others smoothly. 

   “You are working with 14 other students to run the school. You absolutely have to be flexible and able to communicate with the other members,” Harris said.

  2024 to 2025 Cabinet President Hannah Gardner prepared for running for cabinet all throughout high school. 

   “I have been in student council for years and I helped with student council events to learn about my school. I also built my confidence throughout the year, putting myself out there and becoming comfortable in my school,” Gardner said. 

    Joining the school cabinet is all about being noticed and being the voice of the school. Remaining confident without becoming overbearing is the right attitude advisors and other members appreciate to have around them.   

   Any juniors wanting to run for their senior year, start getting noticed now and become a change in the school. Then be prepared to run in the 2024 to 2025 school year to become a leader. 


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