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Fine Arts: It Is Required?

The essential role of fine arts education in school curriculum plays a crucial role in a students high school career. There are a series of classes that students are required to take in order to graduate.
Photo by Ireland Kelsey
Lots of students at our school don’t realize that the Fine Arts have classes that are required.

The Fine Arts. A beautiful way to start a high school career, some would say, but others dislike the fine arts and find it embarrassing to participate in them. Wait till students find out that these classes are required  by Springfield Public Schools.

   “High school is about providing students with a comprehensive and well-rounded experience, and this is one way in which that happens,” Principal Bill Powers said. 

   The Fine Arts at our school consist of multiple art classes, such as Art Foundations, Applied Arts, Ceramics/Sculpture One and Two, Drawing One and Two, Painting One and Two, Graphic Design One and Two and finally, Photography One and Two.

   The other section consists of the Musical Arts. Advanced Band, Marching, Jazz and Intermediate Band, Fall Color Guard and Winter Color Guard, Chorus One, Choir, Advanced Choir, and finally, the Orchestra and Advanced orchestra.

   All of the classes fit under the ‘Fine Arts’ section of that paper we receive when it is time to schedule our classes for the next school year.

   Lorrie Miller, a counselor at our school, comments on why fine art classes are important. 

   “I am sure that the state board had discussions on what should be taught and how many credits are necessary to be fulfilled. I do think no matter what subject is required; it is good for all of us to learn about topics even if we don’t plan on pursuing something in that career area,” Miller said.

   Every year, students at school have to spend one to two days picking what classes they want to take for their future school year.

    “I do think no matter what subject is required; it is good for all of us to learn about topics even if we don’t plan on pursuing something in that career area,” Miller said.

   Personally, I have had to take multiple Fine Arts classes that I am not pursuing currently.

   Rosanna Honeycutt, the Orchestra Director at our school, talks on the subject. 

   “The arts are extremely important to a child’s development. Aside from all the data showing students do better in core classes if they participate in the arts, they are quite beneficial in other ways,” Honeycutt said. 



The Kauffman Performing Arts center in Kansas City, MO. Orchestra visited in April to see the symphony perform. (Photo Credit: Rosanna Honeycutt)

Lots of people participate in the Theater Department here at school and others have noticed that it does help a child develop in a successful way. You can also notice sparks of creativity in your home if you have little siblings. Especially if they have an art or music class.

   “Fine arts gives them a chance to think outside the box. What we do in school is so regulated and this is something that is a little less regulated and it also increases their critical thinking and problem solving. On another note, sometimes if students don’t take those classes, they don’t know that they can excel in those classes,” Drama teacher Kelsey Moore said. 

“I Never Saw Another Butterfly” is a retelling of the true story following Raja a Hew sent to live in a Wall nazi work camp. Showcasing what it’s like for a young person to have to grown up in such inhuman conditions, the one act explores themes of hardship and loss but exemplifies themes of hope and love. (Photo credit: Colton Owens)


   Sophomore Ajea Sheppard is a student at our school who enjoys art. The subject makes her realize that you can make art out of anything.

“There’s a lot of kids that are wanting to sell their art and there’s also kids who are just taking the classes to get credits, now of course it can definitely help you out in the real world because if you’re trying to explain something or do something, you are able to visualize it, then it’s beneficial to use it for certain things,” Sheppard said.


This painting is a custom painting. Sheppard created this masterpiece because someone offered her to pay for a picture. (Photo Credit: Area Sheppard)

   Whether students are wanting to reach their creativity mindset or not, taking Fine Art classes may be beneficial to lots of students. These arts can set off a passion for something that you may not have realized you’d like to pursue.

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