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Even skeletons enjoy a spirited drive through eternity.

[Photo] Important Things that You Should Keep in Your Car

February 29, 2024

Even skeletons enjoy a spirited drive through eternity.

Part of phase one being built off of Plainview and Weaver

Concrete Canvas

Road construction happens all around us. The street light construction on Jefferson Avenue and the Kansas Expressway expansion has been affecting the community around these areas.
Ireland Kelsey, Reporter February 28, 2024

   In a bid to enhance community safety and foster a brighter environment, Principal  Dr. Bill Powers submitted a request to put in street lights on Jefferson Avenue, a little over two years ago.   “We...

Students in Team #10123 with their robot after placing fourth in their competition.

Let the Competition Begin!

In the fast-paced world of technology breakthroughs, Kickapoo’s robotics club had their First Tech Challenge (FTC) League Meet on Saturday, December 2, where the brightest minds came together and competed to see who was moving on to the next competition.
Ireland Kelsey, Reporter December 15, 2023

  From cutting-edge innovations, such as Teams #10123 robot, pushing pixels from one side of the field to the other and throwing paper airplanes, the team took third place.    Unfolding the narrative...

Youtube star, Logan Paul, co-creator of the hydration drink company, Prime.

Prime or Crime?

With more sports coming up, some athletes struggle to find the right energy drink to hydrate their hardworking bodies. Some athletes like to hydrate with the beverage ‘Prime’ and I am here to rate these so-called, “good” drinks. Which Prime flavor tastes the best?
Ireland Kelsey, Reporter October 17, 2023

Lemonade Rating: 3.5/5    This drink tastes like watered down lemonade. I enjoyed it for a little bit but the more I drank it, the more gross it became.    Overall, this drink was somewhat good...