Afghanistan Reaches Springfield


Photo by Wikimedia

Afghan refugees are safely transported from Kabul to the United States.

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief

Across the sea, a humanitarian crisis rears its ugly head in the middle-eastern country of Afghanistan. The United States has officially pulled its military presence from within the country’s borders. These soldiers had kept the terrorist group, the Taliban, from seizing control for twenty years. 

Following the Biden Administration’s decision to withdraw, the country fell into an uproar as desperate citizens attempted to flee the Taliban’s totalitarian control. The Kabul airport was flooded with crowds of Afghans, many of whom ended up being left behind. 

More than 53,000 Afghan evacuees at eight military installations across the U.S. mainland are serving as temporary housing sites while the new arrivals complete immigration paperwork, as well as vaccination against measles and COVID-19,” CBS News reported. 

As these refugees flood into the country, controversy has arisen regarding where the immigrants will live. Most states will be admitting these Afghans, from ten to tens of thousands. 

“The Biden administration this week notified state authorities of the number of Afghan evacuees each state could receive in the coming weeks as part of the first phase of a massive resettlement operation,” CBS News reported. 

37,000 Afghans will be a part of the first wave of refugees being resettled into the United States. 1,200 of those will find new homes in Missouri, starting on September 18, 2021. 100 of those will live in the Springfield area. 

“Those coming to Springfield will have Priority 2 visas, which are those who have helped U.S. organizations in Afghanistan,” KY3 news reported. “Others coming here are classified as humanitarian parolees, which means they have permission to be in the U.S. for 2 years, but that temporary status could be extended.” 

These refugees will be provided with enough money to help provide for food, rent, and other basic needs. 

“Each family gets a one-time allowance of just over $1,200 to get them started with rent and other needs,” According to KY3 News. “The organization collects cash donations as well as furniture and household supplies to help refugees.”

As the refugees begin to arrive, many questions arise regarding the backgrounds of those coming in, the health status, and whether or not the city can simultaneously care for them and the American citizens already present. As we move into a controversial and uncertain future, the balance between patriotism and human need will be tested.