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Pro Life supporters cheer on the Supreme Court draft. 
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Roe has Got to Go

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief May 20, 2022

Introduction Roe v. Wade is a Supreme Court case that never should have happened. Seven justices put their heads together and not only pulled two constitutional rights out of thin air, but...

From a Legal Perspective

From a Legal Perspective

Roe v. Wade has landed into some hot water with the latest leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion deciding Dobbs v. Jackson. Abortion is surrounded by all sorts of moral questions, but there is a legal one to consider as well. Is Roe v. Wade constitutional, or does it need to be overturned? Here are our takes on this legal question.
Kylie Burks and Shalla Bowers May 20, 2022


This map shows the locations of Sashas hometown of Lviv and Olekslis hometown of Pryvoroky.

A Trip Across the World

Introducing two Ukrainian students who walk Kickapoo's halls.
Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief May 20, 2022

Whether you follow the news or not, the war in Ukraine is something that everyone has heard about. Reports of refugees flooding European countries, stories of citizens hiding in bunkers and shelters,...

These alarms show what the potential wake up times could be for each tier, starting with tier 1.

When the School Bell Rings

School start times are changing again, as the school board makes more updates to the tiered system.
Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief April 28, 2022

Springfield Public Schools can’t decide when to ring the school bell.  Before this past school year, SPS used a two tiered model for both start times and busing. In the  2021 to 2022 school year,...

Trucks lined up, blocking an Ottawa street. 
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Trucking for Change

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief March 4, 2022

The truckers have had enough. Tens of thousands Canadian and American truck drivers gathered in western Canada. From there they embarked on a cross country journey to the nation’s capital, Ottawa.  “By...

American soldiers help lift a young Afghan boy on to a military vehicle amid the Kabul evacuations. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Crisis Unaverted

As America’s 20 year military presence in Afghanistan comes to an end, the resulting crisis casts a questionable shadow over the nation’s foreign policy.
Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief February 11, 2022

   Blood runs hot in American citizens and service members as the remains of the red, white, and blue trickle down the side of a former United States Embassy in Afghanistan, replaced with colors of terror...

The letter the attorney general sent out was published in early December. Since then, the future of masks has been up in the air.

The War Against Masks

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief December 17, 2021

Over the past year, Springfield Public Schools has come under fire multiple times, with the gunman being Attorney General Eric Schmitt. Schmitt is in charge of all legal orders and aspects regarding the...

This year has been full of ups and downs. Take a look at the top headlines of 2021.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief December 15, 2021

Unnamed protesters stand outside the Cox hospitals protesting the vaccine mandate for employees.

A Threat Against Freedom

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief October 21, 2021

The freedom early Americans fought for in the Revolutionary War is under attack. The Biden Administration is firing upon us; not with physical bullets, but with unconstitutional mandates.  “Biden...

Afghan refugees are safely transported from Kabul to the United States.

Afghanistan Reaches Springfield

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief October 21, 2021

Across the sea, a humanitarian crisis rears its ugly head in the middle-eastern country of Afghanistan. The United States has officially pulled its military presence from within the country’s borders....

The Lady Chiefs Soccer team from 2019

Shredding the Turf

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief May 14, 2021

The Kickapoo girls' varsity team was at it again this past Wednesday, crushing Glendale's team 4-1. This game was extremely important to their season, as it was not only the southside showdown but also...

Image courtesy of MCT Direct.

Why do we Wear Green on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief March 11, 2021

Every March, we celebrate a very green holiday. The holiday is called Saint Patrick’s day, and it originated in Ireland around the ninth and tenth centuries. The holiday marks the death of Ireland’s...

AMC Private Theater Rental – Is it worth it?

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief March 5, 2021

COVID-19 has affected many aspects of our lives. Things we took for granted being able to do at the drop of a hat are no longer easily accessible if at all. One of the many victims of the COVID-19 shutdown...

Chief TV Update

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief March 5, 2021

Chief TV is a program that grades freshman through senior can become apart of. Chief TV is a classroom-based club that involved filming and editing videos that are displayed in the commons on the TVs on...

Writing Center Update

Kylie Burks, Editor in Chief March 5, 2021

The writing center is a helpful if obscure tool available to Kickapoo students. The main purpose of the writing center is to give students a chance to have an extra set of eyes read their writing whether...