FBLA Needs You


A student goes to room 235, interested in learning more about joining FBLA.

The Financial Business Leaders of America club is currently searching for new members eager to test the waters of business and career competition. There are many unique opportunities provided with membership, including the chance to host fundraisers and events, attend trips and conferences out of state, and participate in a national competition. 

Senior Keslie Burkard is one of the two Vice Presidents of Community Service for the group and has found it to be a rewarding experience. “I joined FBLA because to me it was the most interesting club offered. At the time I did not know what I wanted to do as a career and business was something I was interested in. Another reason why I joined is that I had the opportunity to compete in many events and have the chance to go to nationals,” Said Burkard.

Participation in FBLA is a chance to figure out what truly interests you career-wise. Senior Esther Choe, President of the club, had a similar experience. “I always thought I would go into the medical field, but competing in the FBLA events made me realize that becoming a graphic designer is much more up my alley,” Said Choe.  

Recently, the group made a trip up to Silver Dollar City in Branson to learn more about the career opportunities and requirements there. They are also preparing for events going on in November such as a national competition held in Chicago, Illinois, and a National Fall Leadership Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Besides the fulfillment of career exploration, FBLA also puts on fundraisers and events for the school. “We are currently planning a Trunk or Treat that we are hosting at Kickapoo on October 30th,” Said Burkard. 

Due to the pandemic, traditions like the fall festival for students at feeder schools were canceled, so the Trunk or Treat was their compromise. “We want to design our car to look spooky and festive for October.  We will be wanting volunteers to help set up the car and give out candy in funky costumes,” Said Choe. 

Not only are they searching for volunteers, but they are also interested in new members of the club. “I definitely am trying to recruit new members to this organization because of the huge fallout from covid. With the members we do have, we all get along and try to do our best with what we can do,” Said Choe. 

Anyone who is interested in joining the club for this unique experience can go to their Instagram page with the tag @kickapoofbla and visit the link in their bio to sign up or see Mr. Wooderson in room 235 for more details.