Foreign Language Credits

Learning a foreign language isn’t for everyone. Some people excel in this department, while others struggle to wrap their minds around something so different. You might’ve heard people in your life say things like, “Without credits of foreign language, you probably won’t get into college,”. Is this statement really true?

“[Having a foreign language] sets students apart to  more employers and the general public,” Spanish teacher Kristen Wyrick said. 

Mrs. Wyrick is a teacher who believes that being fluent in another foreign language is incredibly  important. 

Now, it is not impossible to get into college without 2 credits of a foreign language, but it does set a disadvantage. When looking between someone with two foreign language credits on their application and someone with less, college admissions officers are more likely to choose the first. Foreign language fluency is more appealing to colleges because it opens the door for opportunity and success. People who are fluent in two or more languages are available to more career opportunities and are more culturally developed, after learning about a new culture and its language.  Colleges also like consistency when it comes to foreign languages. 

These classes should be in the same language—colleges would much prefer to see proficiency in one language than a superficial smattering of several languages,” Allen Grove said, in his article for 

Again, however, it’s not impossible for a high school senior with little to no foreign language credits to get into college. 

“I think a person can get into college but you won’t be very competitive,” Mrs. Wyrick said. 

A student who doesn’t fulfill those requirements must know that their level of competitiveness when trying to get into a college is much lower without being fluent in a foreign language. 

“That said, students who have just the minimum can win admission if their applications demonstrate strengths in other areas,” Grove from said. 

Our 2020-21 school year is coming to an end, and people are moving up a grade, graduating, and going off to college.  It is important that students feel prepared for what is ahead, and understand all of the factors that go into making their education as successful as possible. Foreign language classes look great on applications, but aren’t for everyone. If it is something that peaks your interest, go for it. However, just know, they are not required to get into college. Everyone should pursue their own passions and skills while taking a step into further education and adulthood.

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Our Next Student Body President

Election week was a busy week for Junior Orlando McElderry, who was running for the position of 2021-22 Student Body President. There was a list of things for each candidate to do, and the pressure for the outcome of the election was strong. As election week came to an end, and the results were counted, it was soon announced that the votes had resulted in a tie between Junior Ami Thompson and Orlando McElderry. A tie-breaking re-vote would be cast the next day during lunch periods. 

At the end of the second voting day, the re-vote had proven McElderry the winner and the next Student Council President. 

Election week is now over, and McElderry has experienced the beginning stages of preparation for next year’s presidency. When asked how he is feeling about his new position, he states, “I feel weird. Usually I’m the guy in the back who has friends and does his part, but definitely not the popular guy,”. Following the announcement of his victory, McElderry has felt the attention of the student body on him even more so. “I have gotten a lot more attention from everyone. I feel out of place,” he states. 

Despite feeling this way now, McElderry has positive hopes for the school year of his presidency. “Next year is looking bright. Hopefully getting to go back to five days will be a blessing, but also all of the activities and environments that we missed out on we can make up for,” he says.

A busy election week is only to be followed by an even busier year for McElderry, but for now, all there is left to do is wait and hope for an excellent 2021-22 school year.

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Keeping Up With FCCLA

FCCLA has consistently been meeting once a week since the school year started. Right now, the club has 15 members, but their doors are always open to new ones. The group has already done many things, some of those things including: sewing their own lanyards, making caramel popcorn, and decorating the parking lot in positive words with sidewalk chalk. As far as future plans go, FCCLA plans to dive into the spooky season by making their own Halloween cake pops. They are also preparing for competition in January. “Next month we will pick out the STAR events we want to compete in and start preparing for the January competition for Region 10,” says Ms. Cox, the FCCLA sponsor. Big things are in the works for FCCLA, and they are always up for new members. Anyone interested is welcome, but their only requirement is to have taken a FACS class previously. Middle school FACS classes count as well. Applications to join the club are available in room 102. 

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