Missouri State Preparing to Raise Tuition


With many of our own Chiefs preparing to become Bears in the coming fall, all eyes are turned towards MSU as they fight for the largest tuition increase the university has had in over 10 years. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Dozens of Kickapoo students every year leave the home of the Chiefs to become a part of the Bears. Missouri State University (MSU) is a spot where many of our students kick off their college careers. Whether it’s you or your parents facing the ridiculously high prices of college tuition, even a small increase can throw your entire payment plan off course. The cost of tuition is a deciding factor for almost all students and MSU is working to alter theirs in a way that could leave students undecided as to if the price is worth it.

   With inflation still on the rise, MSU is becoming worried as to how they’ll be able to pay their employees. In order to offset this, they are proposing a nearly 4% jump in tuition. This was proposed to the committee of the governing board at MSU and the result is expected to be announced later this afternoon.

   According to Springfield News-Leader, tuition and fees paid by students account for approximately ⅔ of the college’s budget. This compensates for utilities, repairs, staff salary, and countless other things which keep the campus running.  

    As inflation increases MSU is struggling to keep up with the rising cost, hence the sudden increase. “The goal is to limit increases as much as we can, recognizing we’re living in an era of 8.5  percent inflation so things cost more,” MSU President Cliff Smart told the News-Leader.

 The administration has stated they are proud that this increase still stays below that of the current inflation rate, a trend they hope to continue in the following years. The proposal currently in question would raise course costs anywhere from $10 to $20 and student fees such as food and housing could be raised by approximately 6 percent.

   Should the increase be approved, the price increase will go into effect this coming fall, something that will affect many seniors set to begin attending MSU in the coming months. The final decision is set to be announced later today. This is an ongoing story.