MSU Tuition Increase Approved

How the sudden change will affect incoming students, including many of our own Kickapoo Chiefs.


Missouri State University has officially approved the largest increase the campus has seen in over 10 years. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

A proposal was made to the Committee of the Governing Board last week for the largest tuition increase at Missouri State University in over ten years. As of  April 20th, the increase was approved. This increase will go into effect in the 2022-23 school year, affecting many of our own graduation seniors.

According to MSU Administration, the increase occurred due to rising inflation rates. A vast majority of the college’s budget. This covers everything from keeping the facilities running to providing the staff’s salary. The increase affects nearly every aspect of college fees.

As far as credit hours are concerned, Missouri residents will face a $10 increase for undergraduate hours and a $22 increase for graduate hours.  For those coming from out of state, tuition will increase by $13 for undergraduate hours and $25 for graduate hours. There has also been an additional visa fee added for international students.

As technology continues to advance technology usage fees are also increasing. There will be around a 6% increase in other student fees such as housing and food.

While many of our own Chiefs prepare to depart for MSU campus this increase will alter their financial situation for the next 4 years and possibly those to follow. As inflation continues to rise, the MSU administration is proud that their increase is not as high as that of other prices around our country. The question left unanswered is how the incoming Bears feel about the increase.