Goodbye Mr. Broaddus


Beloved history teacher Mr. Broaddus has announced he is leaving Kickapoo at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. 

     Broaddus has been teaching at Kickapoo for 18 years, and spent 10 years teaching at Study High School before that.  He has been eligible for retirement since March of 2020, but he is still not retiring. An opportunity was given to him that was impossible to pass up on. 

     A teaching position at Greenwood opened up, which only happens every 10-15 years. Not only is the job hard to come by, but it is also an incredible family opportunity. His wife teaches at Greenwood, and he has a daughter who attends the school. 

     Though this change is very exciting, it’s bittersweet for Mr. Broaddus and his students who have grown to know and love him through his time here. He has taught the same subjects and even been in the same classroom everyday for 18 years. This makes for a very hard time leaving. 

    “It was really hard. I feel really loyal to my students, It was a really conflicted thing. I had to take the job, it’s a great opportunity to teach with my wife, but I feel so bad for leaving the students that I had freshman year that I had asked to come back,” Broaddus said. 

     His favorite moments are when he gets to have freshmen their first moments of high school in his US History Honors class, and then again their senior year for AP US History during their last moments of high school. 

     Though change is hard, he wants all of his students to know they can always reach out. His Instagram account is loren.broaddus. And one final thought he would like to share is, “In the last 4 years Kickapoo has gotten some bad headlines, but that’s not the Kickapoo that I know. It’s a great school and that is what makes it so hard to leave. I get to teach really great kids.   I  want the best for you all, and I think about what all of you are going to do,” Broaddus said.