Silver Dollar Speculations


Photo by Nan Fry

   Missouri’s theme park, Silver Dollar City, is undergoing several bizarre changes this year. 

   Rumors have flown around about Fire in the Hole retiring and this is a disappointment to fans of the 1972 ride.

   Construction has officially begun in place of Fire in the Hole and nobody knows for sure what it will be. Some think it will be a reboot of the ride due to its old age, others think it will be a new ride entirely. 

   Most keeping up with the theme park seem to believe that Fire in the Hole is moving to a section cleared out in Fireman’s Landing, which is suitable given the ride’s title. 

   It is commonly speculated that the previous location of Fire in the Hole will be turned into a train depot so the theme park can have a longer train ride. 

   Another question surrounding Silver Dollar City this year is what they will be doing with the 800 acres of land they purchased at the beginning of the year. 

   The land they bought is located near the Indian Ridge site in Branson West and on top of that, the theme park is investing in rebuilding Heartland Home Furnishing and Flossie’s Fried Fancies. The two buildings were caught in a fire November of 2021 but are scheduled to reopen mid 2023.

   The Silver Dollar City website says that the furniture at Heartland Home Furnishing is handcrafted with the “finest wood” and tools that date back to the 1800s. In addition to that, they also sell a wide variety of home decoration products. 

   Flossie’s Fried Fancies is a food outlet with outdoor seating that sells chicken tenders, corn dogs and funnel cakes. 

   So far, the upcoming removals, advancements, and changes surrounding Silver Dollar City have mixed opinions and hopefully answers will be brought to the public this holiday season.