2023 Mass Shootings

Gun violence has affected nearly every part of the country already this year. Here is an overview of the statistics and the ways in which the country is responding.


The issue of gun violence has never been far from the school gates. Recently, Kickapoo students decided to take a stand. Photo courtesy of Emma Franklin.

   In the 118 days that we have been in 2023, there have been 173 mass shootings and nearly 14,000 people have died due to gun violence according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Out of the 173 mass shootings in 2023, 14 of them have been school shootings. Following this trend, countless threats have been made across the country, including to our own school.

   With these false alarms, the threat that a school shooting can happen has become more of a reality to students across the country and increased fear and anxiety across the country as a whole. 

    Nearly 50% of parents and teens are worried about experiencing a school shooting. These statistics are even higher amongst low-income and minority groups. 

    The reality is that there is no way to completely eliminate mass shootings in our country. However, with these incidents continuing to rise, many are questioning what efforts are being made to prevent future incidents.

    Looking into the halls of Kickapoo, an end gun violence walk-out was held a week ago and an Instagram account was started in order to spread the word.

   Kickapoo is not the only school to begin to advocate for this cause. Schools across the country and close to home have held protests and walkouts pleading for the federal government to take some sort of action. 

     A majority of the protests started following the school shooting that took place in Tennesee. A 28-year-old woman walked into a K-6 school, for 14 minutes she terrorized the school before being shot down by police. Her actions killed three children and three staff members.

    This shooting occurred the same day as a massive string of false reports and threats of school shootings across the country, including the previously mentioned incident at Kickapoo.

     The unfortunate reality is that this incident and others have left our country in a massive state of panic and fear. Whether it be in the halls of school or simply walking down the street. As these incidents continue to happen and are talked about, anxiety amongst the population continues to rise. As of now our country is in a state of mourning and many are still questioning what will happen next.