Getting Sold

The well known Springfield Cardinals are getting sold by there MLB team the St. Louis Cardinals.


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The Springfield Cardinals home field.

Since early 2005, the Springfield Cardinals have been owned by a Major League Baseball (MLB) team called the St. Louis Cardinals. 

     On Monday, May 1, 2023, during a press conference held by the  Springfield Cardinals, the Springfield Cardinals announced its sale by the St. Louis Cardinals to Diamond Baseball Holdings (DBH). DBH is an organization that owns and operates select minor league baseball teams that are affiliated with MLB.

   Dan Reiter, the General Manager for the Springfield Cardinals was asked a few questions regarding the new changes happening to the team.  

   “We were sold for two main reasons.  First, the new PDL system with Major League Baseball allowed St. Louis Cardinals to continue to have their players come through Hammons Field in Springfield. Second, Diamond Baseball Holdings wanted our specific franchise. They love the community and see a lot of opportunities in the future,” Reiter said. 

    According to the PDL contract will provide both facilities and communities that are essential to the development of the next generation of big-league stars. 

   When asked how much the Springfield Cardinals were sold  Reiter stated that the team was sold for an undisclosed amount that will most likely not be announced to the public anytime soon and that the coaches. 

    Also according to Reiter, Cardinals players in St. Louis and Springfield Cardinals are unphased by this new change. 

   Some diehard Cardinal fans and Springfield residents might be wondering if the Cardinals are here to stay in Springfield.

   “Yes we will continue to be the Springfield Cardinals. We will be staying in Springfield thanks to the new lease agreement with the City of Springfield,” Reiter said.     

    The Springfield Cardinals season is just now getting started so go support the Cardinals while they stay in Springfield.