A Look At The New Rules

  With all the changes happening around our school, it can be hard to keep up. Here are some of the new rules that have been implemented this school year.


Stop the Prop was one new initiative this year.

   No Propping Doors- Stop the Prop was a new district-wide initiative introduced at the start of this year It was created to help lower the risk of a school shooting in our district, with the idea being there would be a lower chance of suspicious people entering schools without entering through an office Those who are discovered propping doors may face serious disciplinary action, with the idea that not propping doors would reduce the number of suspicious people entering the buildings without going through an office during the day. Those who are discovered propping doors may face serious disciplinary action

   Entry to a school sports event requires an SPS ID- The ID requirement was set in place by all five SPS high schools, requiring students to stay in their seats, not allowing bags into games, and insisting that all K-8 students bring an accompanying adult with them at games. These rules were all made to help keep games calm.

   “[This was set in place because of a] lack of supervision, accountability, and for safety. We need to be able to identify who belongs at our events and who does not,” Principal Dr. Bill Powers said.

   Students are not allowed in school after class without a teacher- This rule has been enforced because students are not supposed to be on campus without the supervision of a teacher.

  “We had students roaming the building after hours. We also had students leaving the building and then returning after hours and in the building unsupervised,” Dr. Powers said.

   Chief Time- Personalized learning time has seen some changes this year. Students can only be out of their classroom for the first five minutes of the study hall and students are not supposed to be disruptive, in the halls, or on their phones.

   “Chief Time was not being honored across the building. It is intended to be a time for students to be able to make up work or receive additional support in classes. This was not happening in all classrooms,” Dr. Powers said.

   All of the rules that have been established this year have been for the interest of the students of our school and our district.