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Launch into Getting Ahead

Taking summer courses through Launch is the best way to jump start your upcoming school year.
Photo by Fueled by Launch
Fueled by Launches’ mission states their goal is to provide all Missouri students with a high quality virtual learning experience.

 Online classes are truly beneficial to students. The courses allow students to stay on track with their requirements and keep students on the right path to graduation. 

    “I took Intro to Speech over the summer, and it was by far the best decision I had made. I didn’t feel like I had somehow to find room for it in my 4 class a day normal schedule, and it was super easy,” sophomore Averie Henderson said.

   Courses over the summer offer almost every class that is available in person during normal school hours. Classes over the summer can be taken dual credit and advanced placement (AP). 

    Students are highly encouraged to take these summer classes per the counselors.

   “Summer classes are a great way for students to make room in their schedule for electives or additional core classes. Students can also use summer school to catch up if they need to recover credit,” school counselor, Shawn Wallace said. 

   Students are highly encouraged to take classes over the summer so that they have a more widespread choice of elective classes such as art courses, and PLTW classes. Courses you typically want more in person. 

    Recommended by counselors, students are not encouraged to take core classes over the summer since it’s easier to stay caught up while school is in session. 

Taking summer classes also makes it easier for students to earn Seals of Excellence. Since many schools have eight periods a day while ours have four, its harder to take as many classes during the school year.

   Launch classes are the most effective way to stay caught up all four years of high school.

Below is a link the Fueled by Launch website, access to enrollment and a full class choice list is available through this link.

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