Haunted House Review


Hotel of Terror in Downtown Springfield, MO. (photo courtesy of Foursquare City Life)

Hotel of Terror 8/10

     Upon entrance of the Hotel of Terror, located in downtown Springfield, I promptly signed my life away. They require you to scan your fingerprint as a virtual signature. The lengthy waiver in summary says the Hotel of Terror is not liable for anything that happens to you or your belongings, and that you will not use your cell phone whatsoever. 

     Once I was in the haunted house the walk took about 20 minutes to complete. I personally had all the excitement I needed after five minutes and was ready for it to be over. 

     If you were hoping to read a detailed description of the events that took place in Hotel of Terror this is not the article for you because I think I blacked out for the majority of the experience.  

Clowns: 6/10 I don’t like clowns

Chainsaw guy: 1/10 this was by far the worst part of the walk, and I was actually convinced this guy was going to cause me physical harm.

People hidden in the walls: 7/10 I liked that they just jump scared us and then went back to minding their business. I took off 3 points though because they scared my date so bad that he sucker punched me in the face.

Pitch black walkway: 2/10 this is just really unsafe. Like I could not see a thing .

People banging on the ceiling: 8/10 I liked that there was glass separating us from the people banging on the glass. I felt moderately safe.

Spinning room: 9/10 there was nothing scary in this part, it was actually really cool, just got a little dizzy from the bright colors and springing walls

Leaving: 10/10 I was so happy to get out of there and you exit by going down a slide so that was a good time.

I would rate the overall experience: pretty good