Puffs Play Review



     I attended the Wednesday April 20th show at 7 o’clock. It starred the first block drama two class. 

     Overall I would give the show an 8/10. It was a parody of Harry Potter. I liked that I didn’t need to know anything about Harry Potter to enjoy the show. 

     It began with the narrator (Played by Brynleigh Hill) introducing the show. She said we were going to follow a boy named Wayne (played by Christian Byndome) through his seven year experience at Hogwarts. 

     This play is a parody because it follows a group of kids who are in the Hufflepuff House. In this show Harry Potter (Played by Garrett Fraher) is a side character, and Ron is played by a mop. Harry Potter was my favorite character and had many well timed jokes that actually made me laugh out loud.

    The seven years at school get increasingly more eventful. The Puffs gradually learn how to be wizards and form friendships.

     Their main goal is just to avoid different evil wizards and form friendships. 

     Wayne immediatley forms a friendship with a fellow Puff named Oliver (played by Harrison Rehkop) who is somewhat of a nerd. They then try to form a friendship with an outcast Puff named Megan (played by Anna Riemenschneider). Megan outcasts herself because her mother worked for he who shall not be named.

     Wayne and Oliver don’t care and still befriend her. Oliver and Megan end up forming a romantic relationship. 

     Then it’s kind of just a few year cycle of a bad event happening and then it just goes away. 

     It all came to a close with a satisfying plot twist at the very end. 

     I was thoroughly impressed with the acting in this show. Everyone did such a good job and created an incredibly well put together show especially for a high school play. 

     I gave the show an 8/10. I took off a point for excessive use of screaming as a punchline. And another point due to the fact that the show was almost 3 hours and I have the attention span of a fly so I wasn’t prepared for that at all. However, neither of those are results of the casts’ actions. These students are so talented and put on a great show.