Best Dressed Staff

   As a staff member, you’re under a strict dress code while being judged by hundreds of students every day. So which teachers can still pull off their outfit?




   Jessica Stennett, a Spanish teacher, doesn’t follow a certain aesthetic but she always looks welcoming and open with her florals and visually pleasing colors.

     “I see like trending things when looking through social media and such, but I don’t really have a specific style,” Stennett said.

Jessica Stennett, a Spanish teacher, wears professional and appropriate outfits.


   Caleb Francis, a Drama teacher, wears many wonderful outfits, his outfits give off an outgoing vibe with his style.

   “I’m a simpleton so I see how things look together, and throw a pattern here and there if I’m feeling funky,” Francis said.

   Francis often tries to stick within the classic clean look within his outfits as well.

Caleb Francis is one of the few male teachers at Kickapoo who has an outstanding fashion sense.   


   Jennifer Wells, a Social Studies teacher, wears the perfect amount of comfortable, cute outfits while still staying in season. 

   “I really like minimalistic things and items that work with a lot of pieces,” Wells said. 

   She manages to pair many comfy cardigans and sweaters to achieve the perfect cozy fall look while staying professional.   

Jennifer Wells, a cozy comfortable Social Studies teacher, pulls off wonderful outfits.


   Leslie Orman, a Journalism teacher that fits a classy casual look, often wearing neutral colors and gold accessories.

   “I like to be trendy without looking like a teenager, with a balance of  professional but fashionable clothes,” Orman said.

Leslie Orman, a Journalism teacher, wears safe, chic looking outfits.


 Jessica Loudis, an Art Teacher, puts together clean and simple outfits, by thinking of factors, like style, color, and flexibility of the clothing. 

   “I like my clothes comfortable and versatile, with a little bit of an androgynous feminine style,” she said.

   Loudis often thinks about how wearable the clothing is as well. 

   “A lot of my clothes have to be very flexible and I need clothes that can really move with me.”

Jessica Loudis, an Art teacher, wears very cozy cute outfits.