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Zhana Owrey, Reporter

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On Commercial Street theres a mix of notable historic buildings and features and an array of new and upcoming shops.

Seeing C-Street

Commercial Street is one of Springfield’s historic gems and still has the charm everyone can enjoy today.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter February 29, 2024

   Springfield has a rich history, and Commercial Street has contributed to a significant chunk of its story. C-Street Street started thriving shortly after the Atlantic and Pacific rail depot that...

Refereeing for youth sports can be difficult but fulfilling. Programs in Springfield are available for signing up.

Repping for the Refs

Refereeing can be an excellent job for high school students because of the weekend shifts, short hours, and the great connection you create with your community.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter February 29, 2024

     Sports is something that dates back centuries and is a fundamental part of human society. It can be one of the biggest things to bring people together. This is especially true when people use...

Spotify, as always, didnt cease to amaze this year, and brought the internet together once again to bond over music, and how were all similar to each other.

12 Ways to Spotify

The real holiday everyone looks forward to, Spotify Wrapped. It’s one of the days where people from the corners of the world get together to share something everyone loves, music.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter December 15, 2023

   Spotify Wrapped came a day early this year and with it new features such as Sound Town, genre sandwiches, and being able to blend your top songs with friends. However, much like the 16 Spotify listening...

Many books are being banned left and right, but book banning can only block important lessons from students.

The Best of Banned Books

Book banning is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to education. Some argue it’s to protect children, but others think it's educational censorship. Banned books can still tell amazing stories regardless, and these are some of the best.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter October 19, 2023

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Rating: 3.5/5    This book tells the story of a Native American boy named Junior who lives on a reservation. While it has a good...

Caden Davenport and Regan Reed hugging in My Cousin Lino. It allowed me to branch out and add substance to somewhat of a dry play. It was an interesting experience and I had a lot of fun with it, Davenport said.

Behind My Cousin Lino

A backstage look at how the Matinee of My Cousin Lino was put together to form the final production.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter May 15, 2023

Kickapoo’s theater program is known to hold high-quality productions, their latest matinee being one of those productions. My Cousin Lino is a play about Katherine and Jonathan Prescott’s cousin Lino,...

Nearby cinemas, such as the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, can be expected to play these films throughout the year.

Films for the Future

The new year has begun, and with that, we can anticipate the many movies that are soon coming with it. Ranging from mermaids to murderers, the movies this year have great potential.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter March 20, 2023

   The Little Mermaid    Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid made many people excited for the classic story to be retold.    The director Rob Marshall is well known for...

The Doomsday Clock is unveiled at the 2023 announcement and is revealed to be 90 seconds to midnight by the Science and Security Board. We are living in a time of unprecedented danger, and the Doomsday Clock time reflects that reality, executive director Rachel Bronson said.


The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announces its 2023 statement with the minute hand closer to midnight than ever before.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter March 20, 2023

   The time is ticking until the estimated Doomsday Clock hits midnight.     The symbol was created by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and designed by painter Martyl Langsdorf in 1947. The...

Wendy Riley-Washington and Kylie Galyean both participe in womens wrestling while having fun.

Pin it to Win it

Women's wrestling at Kickapoo is an engaging sport where the women that participate show great sportsmanship and friendship.
Zhana Owrey, Reporter December 20, 2022

     Women’s wrestling at Kickapoo is picking up momentum and gaining more members.    Kickapoo senior Wendy Riley-Washington, a state champion, is happy seeing how women’s wrestling...

Best Dressed Staff

Best Dressed Staff

   As a staff member, you’re under a strict dress code while being judged by hundreds of students every day. So which teachers can still pull off their outfit?
Zhana Owrey, Reporter October 14, 2022

  Stennett    Jessica Stennett, a Spanish teacher, doesn’t follow a certain aesthetic but she always looks welcoming and open with her florals and visually pleasing colors.      “I...