Pet Costume Superlatives

Take a look at the most BOO-tiful Halloween costumes of Kickapoo, pet style.


Photo by Shalla Bowers

Ragdoll cat Dina models her bumblebee costume.

Most likely to star in “Barbie as the Island Princess”: Hank, Golden Retriever

Bella Brashers’s Pet – Peacock Costume (Photo Courtesy of Bella Brashers)

Most likely to be picked from a melon farm: Violet, Black Lab

Madison Turner’s Pet – Watermelon Costume (Photo Courtesy of Madison Turner)

Most likely to be on the producing staff for “Hocus Pocus 2”: Athena, Bearded Dragon

Braxton Liebert’s Pet – Witch Costume (Photo Courtesy of Braxton Liebert)

Most likely to be left at the altar: Buddha, Calico Cat

Grace Gardner’s Pet: Bride Costume (Photo Courtesy of Grace Gardner)

Most likely to do a training montage to “Eye of the Tiger”: Paris, Frenchton

Sophia Bowers’s Pet- Wrestler Costume (Photo by Shalla Bowers)

Most likely to go to the Wizard of Oz to find his courage: Charlie, French Bulldog

Sophia Bowers’s Pet- Lion Costume (Photo by Shalla Bowers)