Arrowhead vs. Burrowhead


Photo by Wikimedia Commons

One of the hottest debates right now is whether Joe Burrow or Travis Kelce is more attractive. Well, I did my research and settled this debate once and for all.

   After the 2023 AFC (American Football Conference) Championship game, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cincinnati Bengals with a score of 20 to 23. Within days, a debate sparked on social media about whether Joe Burrow or Travis Kelce was more attractive. 

   I feel as though I have a good viewpoint to this debate. I’ve grown up in a Chiefs liking family, but personally, I am a Bengals fan.

     There are many aspects and characteristics to consider, the first being height. I’m a tall person, coming in at five foot eight. 

   Height is a key factor for me. I personally find men who are on the taller side more attractive. Joe Burrow is six foot four, while Travis Kelce is six foot five. 

   It’s a tough call but I’m going to side with Travis on this one. Six foot five seems tall in retrospect, but coming from a tall girl, it’s almost nothing.

   The second aspect I’m taking into account is eye color. I’m not nit-picky when it comes to color, but for the sake of this argument, I’m going to consider it. Joe Burrow has bright baby blue eyes and Travis Kelce has a combination of green and hazel. 

   Don’t get me wrong, Travis’s eyes are beautiful, but I’m a sucker for blue eyes. Something about those baby blues just grabs your attention automatically.  

   Facial hair and hair in general is another consideration that I’m looking for as well. I have mixed feelings about facial hair. If it is taken care of, grown out properly, and suits their facial structure, then I like it. 

   Joe Burrow is typically clean shaven but in previous years he’s had scraggly stubble that I was not a fan of. It didn’t grow right and looked weird. Joe has what I would consider a slight baby face so the stubble didn’t look right. 

   I much prefer him without facial hair. It allows him to show off his jawline and defined cheekbones that make him appear his age. Travis Kelce is a different story on the other hand though. Let me tell you, that man can rock a beard. It’s obvious that he takes care of his beard and wants to make sure it’s looking nice at all times.

   If I’m being honest, I didn’t recognize him. He looked like a totally different person, and not in a good way. For facial hair, I’m going to go with Travis. 

   The fourth trait I’m looking at is a sense of humor. If I’m going to be dating someone, they better be funny. I like a good laugh and I want them to be able to make me snort when I laugh. 

   Looking back at interviews and games, Joe seems to be more of a serious type of person. Don’t get me wrong, he’s goofy sometimes, but typically he’s remaining serious and focused. 

   In interviews from when he played for Ohio State University and Louisiana State University, he had more of a boyish charm and had a toothy smile on his face. As years have gone by and Joe’s matured, he’s become more “professional” during interviews, press conferences, and playing on the field. 

   Travis though, he seems to still be a teenage boy at heart. From cracking jokes in the middle of serious press conferences, to adding comments during his teammates post game interviews, and doing the stanky leg after making a touchdown, he’s still got it. I enjoy a good laugh so I’m giving the point to Travis once again. 

   With a grand total of three points, the winner is Travis Kelce. Travis Kelce is more attractive than Joe Burrow, but I would gladly date either one of them any day.