Bop or Flop: Prom Trends

Prom is a magical time in every young person’s life. Some of the looks are above and beyond, but other trends don’t hit the mark.


Promposals are a common and popular trend

   Camo Dresses- Although it’s perfect for the deer hunter in you, camo print may not be great for a formal event. If it makes you happy, then that’s what’s most important. But maybe think about how you’ll feel looking back on your photos before you pick that camouflage dress.

   Movie-themed proms- While our school is no stranger to these, specifically Jurassic Park, movie-based themes have been done to death. Especially with the action movies that are usually used. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t want to spend a “magical night” thinking about a movie like Star Wars, or The Hunger Games

   Duct-tape Prom Dresses– I have some very mixed feelings about these dresses. I have to admire the creativity it takes to make a dress completely out of tape, but every time I see a Duct-tape dress all I can think about is how uncomfortable they must be. Maybe keep this dress for photos only.

   Promposals– I also have mixed feelings about these. While they can be cute, it’s a little annoying to have random people I don’t know asking each other out in the middle of class. That being said,  I have no issues with it when it’s not done in front of people just trying to pass their classes.

   Fairytale/ Secret Garden themes– Don’t get me wrong, these themes may be overused, but I always love to see them. Maybe it’s from all the princess movies I watched while I was growing up, but the overgrown garden just speaks to my soul. It’s always simple and fun.

   Obviously, keeping up with ever-changing trends can be difficult, but it’s more important to think about what you want than what other people think.