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What is the Most Important Subject?

Some students and staff argue about which class is the most important but no one ever comes to the conclusion of which one it is
Photo by Sophie Webb
Kickapoo has many subjects and electives students can take and some argue over which one is the best.

   When I am in school, all I ever hear students talk about is how they don’t think that what we are learning in school is important or useful. So it makes me wonder; out of all the things we use in school, what would be the most beneficial? 

   In school we have our four core classes, English, math, science, and social studies. All of these classes are very important for teaching students simple life skills, such as reading and writing.

   Math classes like algebra and geometry teach students basic problem solving skills which most employers look for when interviewing people. It shows that you can identify a problem and follow the rules to find the solution.

   The subject of math can be used beyond graduation if a student was interested in architecture, engineering, or even landscaping. This is where a lot of the geometry and algebra comes into play because of the precision needed to build a house, write out blueprints, or knowing how much dirt is needed to cover a garden bed.

   Geometry teacher Coach Goddard comments on how geometry can help students in their everyday life.

   “The reason that we have math classes is to improve students’ problem solving skills,” Goddard said.

   When it comes down to science courses such as physics, biology, and chemistry, these classes teach students important information like what diseases are genetically passed down to offsprings and how the planet works.

   This subject helps students when working together in groups for projects and experiments. Working with other people is an important life skill to have because students will need this in order to communicate with people in their chosen work field. Science teacher Kim Redinger found her passion for science because one of her science teachers made it appealing to her.

   “The lessons all have processes in them. Working together can help students by making connections and preparing them to work in a complex world,” Redinger said.

   In social studies classes like U.S history, geography, and world history, students are taught important lessons like how to identify where states and countries are located. These classes make students think about historical events and how we can look for signs of history repeating itself and how to prevent it from happening if needed.

   Chelsea Turner is a U.S history teacher that likes to get her students involved with her teachings.

   “I try my best to get students interested in history by trying to make it come to life with the lessons I teach,” Turner said.

   I believe all of these subjects are needed, but I think the most important subject out of the core four is English. English teaches you so much. The first thing you learn in preschool and kindergarten are your ABCs,  how to pronounce words correctly, and how to spell them.

   English is also the most important subject because it teaches students how to properly and creatively  write essays, which can be used when applying to colleges and universities. Something students often dread the most is reading, but reading is an important skill because it teaches them how to analyze and understand literature, no matter what class it is in.

   Jessica Mattson, an English teacher here at Kickapoo has shown me that it is important to have English as a core subject.

   “Having that foundation to read and understand literature can benefit students in every class especially when it comes to word problems, textbooks, or just when the teacher is explaining a lesson.” Mattson said.

   English classes provide a number of ways to communicate which is one of the most important things to learn before students graduate. Reading and writing are ways to communicate but English classes also teach you speaking and listening skills, which can help students collaborate with their peers.

   All of the school subjects are important, but in order to fully understand and grasp what the classes are teaching, I believe English classes are the most important or at least the most beneficial because it gives students that foundation and that structure.

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