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Sophie Webb, Reporter

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These are the logos and graphics of these popular shopping platforms

Shop Cheap Get Cheap

Shopping in person is becoming less prevalent with younger generations. Online deals by way of ads, posts, and stories, are spiking interest in this demographic each day to shop online.
Sophie Webb, Reporter March 4, 2024

   Cheaper online shopping is becoming more popular amongst teens and young adults. Tik Tok Shop, Temu, and Shein are some of the more popular websites and it has been up for debate on which is the...

Students crowding the hallways as the final bell of the day rings

When Can We Leave?

Thousands of students flood the halls and the parking lot each day after school making it virtually impossible to vacate in a timely manner. With the help of an early release schedule for deserving students, this might solve the problem.
Sophie Webb, Reporter March 4, 2024

   When becoming a Chief Mentor, one of the benefits that come with it is getting to leave five minutes early from class each day. This year however, Chief Mentors had this privilege taken away.    This...

Kickapoo has many subjects and electives students can take and some argue over which one is the best.

What is the Most Important Subject?

Some students and staff argue about which class is the most important but no one ever comes to the conclusion of which one it is
Sophie Webb, Reporter December 18, 2023

   When I am in school, all I ever hear students talk about is how they don't think that what we are learning in school is important or useful. So it makes me wonder; out of all the things we use in...

Senior homecoming queen Catelyn Conover laughing with her escort, senior Cole Dobbs.

Breaking Tradition

Traditionally, escorts for the homecoming court attendants are male. What if I want my girlfriend to escort me instead of some random guy I barely know?
Sophie Webb, Reporter October 18, 2023

  Wouldn’t it be fun to have your best friend escort you and dress up with you? The students elected for homecoming court have the right to choose who escorts them and they should not be afraid of...