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Crumbl Cookies is opening in Springfield soon! Are the scrumptious sweets worth the hype?
When you purchase Crumbl cookies, they always come in a convenient pink box!

   Crumbl Cookies is coming to Springfield! If you haven’t a clue what Crumbl Cookies is, you probably don’t have any form of social media. The cookie chain has taken the nation by storm and has been rapidly growing with over 850 stores across the states. The growth of Crumbl has been largely attributed to its presence on social media, which is how I initially learned about it.

   Although it has not arrived in Springfield yet, I have been to Crumbl several times. When I travel to other cities and they happen to have a Crumbl, I almost always take the opportunity to go. But with that being said, I will be rating the cookies in four categories: variety, looks, price, and taste.


Variety: 10/10

  This is what makes Crumbl cookies so unique. Each week, the menu changes to include six new flavors of cookies. Of course, there are always the classic chocolate chip and sugar cookies, but there are over 250 distinct flavors of cookies that rotate through the weekly menu, and they are constantly adding more.

   From dulce de leche to mango frozen yogurt, there are endless flavors that have been introduced. There isn’t anything like Crumbl out there when it comes to variety. An easy 10/10 for Crumbl here.


Looks: 10/10

   You’d be lying if you looked at one of these masterpieces and your mouth didn’t immediately fill with saliva. 

   You know how when a restaurant advertisement comes on TV and the food always looks so much better than it does in real life? Well, I’ve never been to a place that makes the food look just as good as advertised. Sometimes, I feel like the cookies I get look better than displayed!

   This is ingenious marketing by Crumbl. I believe the main reason that they have become so successful is because people love to share pictures of the scrumptious sweets online, making people want to go out and try for themselves.


Price: 7/10

   Coming in at a whopping $4.25 a piece, Crumbl cookies are definitely not the most budget-friendly on the market.

   But what makes the price somewhat reasonable is the sheer size of the cookie. They are gigantic. It is truly hard to eat just one without taking a break.

   So, if you are getting one with a friend or you are willing to save more for later, $4.25 isn’t all too bad for a cookie that is five inches across.


Taste: 9/10

   Obviously, I can’t just try all 250 cookies Crumbl has created. However, the flavors that I have tried have all been great. My personal favorites are the peanut butter cup, churro, snickerdoodle, and cookies and cream.

   The only reason the taste is not a 10 is because there are 250 cookies, and not every last one is good. They do have strange flavors that I don’t think I would ever try, such as orange creamsicle, everything bagel, bubblegum, just to name a few.

   The sheer abundance of good flavors does make up for the bad, so I do think a nine is an appropriate score for flavor.


Final Score: 9/10

   There’s a reason Crumbl cookies are the most marketable sweet out there, as they excel in almost every aspect.

   If you want to know where the new Crumbl locations will be opening, one will be on North Glenstone near BigShots Golf in March. The other one does not have an official opening date, but it will be much closer to our school, on Independence near Walmart.

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