The most commonly known Blair Witch movie poster features one of the film students, crying with a knitted cap on, this is a recreation of that photo.

Not Your Average Horror

The Blair Witch Project is an interesting take on the idea of film students making a documentary, turned horror.
Kat Owsley, Reporter October 21, 2021

For most people, including myself, being trapped in the woods and not knowing how to get out is one of the most terrifying situations that can be imagined. Heather, Joshua, and Michale, the protagonists...

Spooky Tasty Candy

Spooky Tasty Candy

Aislinn Neubauer, Reporter October 21, 2021

The spooky season is finally here, and thanks to that, trick or treating on Halloween night is coming up. There are many common candies, and grabbing a random variety bag, here are my opinionated ratings...

AMC Private Theater Rental – Is it worth it?

Kylie Burks, Beats Coordinator March 5, 2021

COVID-19 has affected many aspects of our lives. Things we took for granted being able to do at the drop of a hat are no longer easily accessible if at all. One of the many victims of the COVID-19 shutdown...

thank u, next

thank u, next

Riley Kirby March 5, 2019

When the weight of the world gets too heavy what do you do? For Ariana Grande, you pick yourself up and run to the studio. To kick off the new year, Grande released her fifth studio album Thank U,...

Springfield Food Leader

Victoria Kaufman and Nick Devereaux October 25, 2018

Takeout food is a large part of our everyday lives. Being on the move for most of us means either McDonald’s , Wendy’s, or another large fast food chain. With a simple call ahead most restaurants will...

Cry Pretty

Anna Gewin October 2, 2018

Photo Courtesy of Tribune News A country singer, Carrie Underwood, released her sixth studio album, Cry Pretty, on September 14, 2018. The album consist of 13 songs. They...

Photo courtesy of Tribune News


Riley Kirby October 2, 2018

In his fifth and final studio album, the late Mac Miller drowns the listener in captivating songs of R&B, soul, jazz rap about heartbreak, self love, and healing. But do not be mistaken, this is not...