6ix9ine in Witness protection?


  Daniel Hernandez, also known as 6ix9nie was arrested in october for racketeering in the new york area. He has been found guilty for illegal weapons, drugs, along with a child in a sexual performance, and  including racketeering. His sentence is, as of now, 32 years in prison maximum. With him facing so much time he decided it was time to take to the police and FBI agents. He has been giving them specific intel that he knows and only a few other rappers in the game know. He gave the investigators a bunch of  deep information. With him giving so much intel the investigators decided that when he is out of prison he will be put into the witness protection program to keep him safe.

  While he is in prison they are keeping a close eye on him and using him to get different information about other rappers and other people to the best of his abilities. They are making sure to keep a birds eye view of him as he could possibly be in danger from others, including gang bangers, killers, thugs, etc, they will have to make sure to keep him alive even inevitably lowering his sentence.