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Women’s wrestling at Kickapoo is an engaging sport where the women that participate show great sportsmanship and friendship.


Wendy Riley-Washington and Kylie Galyean both participe in women’s wrestling while having fun.


   Women’s wrestling at Kickapoo is picking up momentum and gaining more members.

   Kickapoo senior Wendy Riley-Washington, a state champion, is happy seeing how women’s wrestling has grown throughout the years.

   “Harvard has a women’s wrestling club, Columbia has a women’s wrestling club, and we have all these RTCs (Regional Training Centers) everywhere now, so it’s really emerging,” Riley-Washington said.

   Friendships are often built from sports but the bonding built in the women’s wrestling team is strong. 

   Kylie Galyean, a sophomore, started wrestling for Kickapoo this year.

   “With the girl’s team, they’re not judgemental and everyone has such a close bond there. Looking back I never saw myself doing wrestling, but now that I’m in it I couldn’t see myself not doing it,” Galyean said.

      While the Kickapoo women’s wrestling team works intensely, Galyean supports the idea that anyone can join wrestling. 

   “I think anybody can do it no matter their experience, I feel like you just have to look past the stereotypes, and I feel like anybody will enjoy it no matter what,” Galyean said.

    Freshman Mollie Lambert started wrestling for Kickapoo this year and does not regret it. 

   “I’d say I’ve met the most people through wrestling. The girls are very friendly overall and show good sportsmanship,” Lambert said.

   Wendy Riley-Washington is happy to see the women’s wrestling team grow and watch others join the team. 

   “If you just wanna have fun, girl don’t be shy, come have fun, we have a lot of great people. I am there for you every step of the way, if you need me I am there. I am right by your side, and it’s not all about wrestling, it’s just about bringing more women into the sport and making them more open to it and more comfortable,” Riley-Washington said.

   Women’s wrestling at Kickapoo is continuing to grow and show girls the fun in wrestling, so more people feel encouraged to join in the future.