Swimming for Gold

The Kickapoo girls Swim and Dive team have recently finished their 2022-23 season and have gone to state to show off all they have accomplished this season


 As the leaves begin to grow again and the school year begins to close, so does the 2023 Girls Swim and Dive season. The team composed of athletes from all grades have worked tirelessly to qualify for state. Out of both the swim and the dive team, eight qualified for state this year and were able to compete.

   “Seeing everyone’s improvement at the end of the season is my favorite part all year,” senior Anna Berkheimer said

   Anna Berkheimer is one of three seniors who recently finished their last high school swim season. 

   “When I think of swim, it’s not necessarily the state meet I look forward to every year. It’s the friends I get to see at practice” Said Berkheimer. 

   Grace Everett is the only junior on the team currently which puts pressure on her for next year’s season.

   “The hardest part for me is seeing my two favorite seniors leave because they both have been with me and encouraged me since the start,” Everett said. 

   Although swim is a team sport, it is divided into races and grades. Without more seniors to compete, Everett is left to push herself harder than ever and show off all that she has accomplished.

“I’m not necessarily worried about next season, I just hope to meet new goals and beat my old times because I work to do that every time,” Everett said.

   After an entire season of hard work, one girl came out on top. Addy Moore is a freshman who not only set a school record but also finished seventh in state and 14th in the 200 IM (IM’s or Individual Medley is four events compiled into one with 50 meters per event)

   The entire team worked relentlessly this past season to become stronger and they hope that the 2023-2024 season is their best season yet.