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Savannah Summers, Reporter

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Season three of Outer Banks. Photo Courtesy of JACKSON LEE DAVIS/ NETFLIX

Summer Flicks

The start of summer marks the end of school, three months of relaxation and sunny fun. With the end of the year approaching, what better to get you in the mood for fun in the sun than these perfect summer shows?
Savannah Summers, Reporter May 14, 2024

Outer Banks:  Although this show is considered “basic”,if you are craving adventure during your vacation. Every summer, this show trends in Netflix’s top ten and that’s because of its amazing...

Students that are more involved can gain more independence and communities within school that can assist them with life after high school.

The “In’s” of Being Involved

Being involved in school activities can seem like a waste of time, but when it comes to college applications, being involved proves more beneficial than you originally thought.
Savannah Summers, Reporter April 29, 2024

 High school is filled with many ups and downs. You go through major emotional and physical changes and that can be hard to undergo alone.    Being involved at school can bring you a community....

Studying can be one of the most stressful things for students so this playlist will help you stay motivated and study the best you can

Spring Studying with Spotify

With the arrival of Spring, finals also approaches so what better to embrace finals than a study playlist!
Savannah Summers, Reporter February 28, 2024

 As we venture into the last quarter of the school year, the dreaded period of finals begins to approach.     Everyone loves music and needs to study for upcoming tests and finals so this playlist...

Reusable water bottles have dominated the most popular trends and have caused immense chaos due to the demand of the products

Outrageous Overconsumption

Everyone loves trends, but are these water bottle trends saving the earth or destroying it?
Savannah Summers, Reporter February 28, 2024

 Stanley Cups, Hydroflasks, and Owala’s. These trending products all have one thing in common: water bottles meant to be reused in order to prevent waste in the environment. The products were designed...

This logo is the newest title for the latest Hunger Games installment.

“The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”: A Review

The newest installment for the beloved dystopian series, the Hunger Games has become a huge hit. But the question is, how good was the movie?
Savannah Summers, Reporter December 15, 2023

   In 2014, Katniss Everdeen shot her last arrow in the Hunger Games and officially ended the franchise beloved across the world.    However, on November 17, 2023, the series was brought to life...

Senior Catelyn Conover sports a big smile with her escort, senior Cole Dobbs after being crowned queen at this years homecoming game.

Crowning the Queen

Catelyn Conover was crowned as this year's queen at our annual homecoming game.
Savannah Summers, Reporter October 18, 2023

  Friday night football games, sparkly dresses, and spirit week marked the beginning of Homecoming. Although the dance theme may change and the spirit week can range from pajama day to tropical days,...

Kelea after winning an award at the FCCLA competition this past semester. Photo by Kelea Martin

Sewing up Success

Kelea Martin needed a way to fill her free time once it was summer and her classes were out. She gathered all her materials and improved her skills to create something new: her very own alteration business.
Savannah Summers, Reporter May 23, 2023

    Being in high school, you have to come up with a lot of creative solutions for problems you may face. For Kelea Martin, she had extra free time and needed a way to fill it productively.    “I...

Here We Go Again: Coachella 2023

Here We Go Again: Coachella 2023

This April, thousands flocked to Coachella Valley for the annual Coachella Music Festival. In the festivals two week run, over 50 artists performed a small portion of their discography but the question is, how good were each set?
Savannah Summers, Reporter April 28, 2023

MUNA: MUNA performed on day one of the Coachella weekend. The trio performed songs like “Number One Fan”, and “I Know a Place” and brought Phoebe Bridgers of Boygenius on stage to sing their hit...

Swimming for Gold

Swimming for Gold

The Kickapoo girls Swim and Dive team have recently finished their 2022-23 season and have gone to state to show off all they have accomplished this season
Savannah Summers, Reporter March 3, 2023

 As the leaves begin to grow again and the school year begins to close, so does the 2023 Girls Swim and Dive season. The team composed of athletes from all grades have worked tirelessly to qualify for...