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Repping for the Refs

Refereeing can be an excellent job for high school students because of the weekend shifts, short hours, and the great connection you create with your community.
Photo by Edward N. Johnson
Refereeing for youth sports can be difficult but fulfilling. Programs in Springfield are available for signing up.

     Sports is something that dates back centuries and is a fundamental part of human society. It can be one of the biggest things to bring people together. This is especially true when people use their skills to foster the next generation’s love for sports, and there are many ways students can do just that.

   When refereeing youth sports nearby, through programs such as School-Parks Are Reaching Communities (SPARC), it opens up a chance to create new bonds. It can also ensure a good game for the players and allow you to make money while doing it. 

   Morgan White, SPARC supervisor, believes that this is a wonderful opportunity as a first job.

   “It’s pretty enjoyable. I did it when I was 16 and I had a great time doing it. I’d also like to think it’s pretty easy too,” White said.

   These positions are open to teenagers. SPARC hiring requirements include being 15 and up for these part-time positions and getting hired mainly consists of availability and sports knowledge.

   “It helps bring the community together and helps families. Not only that, but it gives you work experience but also self-confidence,” White said.

   Applications for becoming a SPARC youth referee are available on the Park Board and City of Springfield website.

   Much like how the SPARC program has referees, there are also other opportunities such as with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).

   The YMCA lists one of their soccer positions online as a culture cultivator, an impartial on-field coach, and an advocate for their programs as listed on their website.

   YMCA has a few simple requirements, being 16 years of age, experience with children, among other things. Job openings and applications can be found on the Ozark Regional YMCA website. 

   Baseball is also another popular youth sport, and Little League is a classic community for youth baseball.

   Little League has positions available for being an umpire for games. On the Little League website, it describes being an umpire as not just calling strikes or interpreting rules, but teaching good sportsmanship and how to play the game properly.

   Applying to become a Little League umpire is as simple as contacting Adam Harshman through the number listed on the Springfield Little League Facebook page.

   Refereeing sports can present you with many difficulties and complicated situations, but in the end, the bond you can make by helping grow the community you love can be so rewarding.

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