French Club Winter Activities


 French Club is swinging into the holiday season at full force.

   Monday, December 16th French club is throwing their club holiday party.

   The members of french club are all excited to be able to sit back and hangout with friends in the club. 

   “All the people in the club are nice and great to be around. It has a good overall atmosphere,” President Paige Fintel said.

   Along with the upcoming holiday party, French Club is also decorating the language hallway with decorations such as snowflakes and their eiffel tower outside of the french room.

   “A lot of the stuff that we’ve done so far have been fun crafts that I personally love to do,” Fintel said.

   Decorating the hallways with holiday decorations will give a nice boost to the schools holiday spirit. 

   Fintel was chosen as the president of the French club due to her love for the language and ability to speak it well. 

   “I really enjoy being president because it’s allowed me to expand my leadership and communication skills,” Fintel said.