Shopping Summer Trends on a Budget

Staying on trend doesn’t have to drain your pockets if you shop smart.


Photo by Shalla Bowers

Empty hangers decorate the empty closet. A new wardrobe is desperately needed.

With summer approaching, many people may want to trade in their winter coats for crop tops to liven up their wardrobe. But it can be hard to keep up with seasonal fashion, especially if you don’t want to break the bank with a spontaneous shopping spree. Here is a summer 2022 trend forecast along with stores to shop for them: all under $35.

Big, bright, and bold are the new wardrobe basics, with more hot hues and unique prints being worn since the 80’s. From top runway fashion shows to TikTok, we are seeing vibrant color pops in every store that wants to sell clothes. The fashion consensus: standing out is in, blending in is out. This trend is a summer wardrobe must-have.

The online store Cider has a variety of trendy color pops and patterns in their wide selection of clothes, many for $25 or less. You should definitely check out this website (and the top shown above) if you want some stylish items you won’t regret buying.
Ever since popular social media influencer Emma Chamberlain started a partial Y2K renaissance with her iconic photo of her wearing flare leggings, we have seen more and more of the early 2000-esque pant style appear in many stores, and not just on leggings. Five years ago it would be laughable to expect to find any pants other than skinny jeans in a store, but now different jean styles (especially flare jeans) are becoming more and more commonplace while skinny jeans are becoming less and less popular. Before summer hits, flare pants are a must-buy.

Old Navy has a variety of flare legging options under $20. If you naturally lean towards more of a dressed up look, the clothing brand H&M has many flare jean options for only $20-$30. Examples of both of these are pictured.

Showing off the midriff or flaunting sleeveless tops is common in a society where exposed skin is often used as a fashion statement, and cut-out tops aim to elevate this trend. Using uncommon angles and cleverly placed slits in clothing, specific parts of the figure are highlighted, creating a unique silhouette. If you want to be fashion-forward, you need to invest in some of these pieces.

H&M was quick to take advantage of this trend. Combining fun colors, interesting patterns, and exposed skin, the cut-out shirts from this store are hard to beat (including the one pictured above!). These shirts can range from $13 to $25, making it a no-brainer to add these tops to your collection.

After the end of the Y2K era, many swore to burn their low-rise pants and never go back. We went back. While two years ago it was impossible to find a pair of low waisted jeans in a store, they have slowly started to make their way back onto influencer’s Instagram posts. Because of this, the pants have now made their way back onto our clothing racks.
Love them or hate them, low-rise jeans are making a comeback. We need to either get on board, or accept that if we keep wearing our favorite pair of high-waisted pants, we are not going to be considered fashionable in five years.

Fashion Nova is one of the few stores you can get cute, good quality jeans for a relatively low price. The brand also consistently goes on sale. This means that almost every pair of jeans will be below $30 at some point, including the one pictured above.