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Battle of the Folders

Deciding once and for all what colors the school subjects are.
Photo by Braxton Liebert
Generally, students have blue, red, yellow, and green folders. But which folder should you use for each class?

   If you are somewhat organized, then odds are you have folders or binders for your classwork. Many students choose to color code their organizers to easily know which one’s which. This has raised the question in countless people’s minds of “Which color goes with each subject?”

   To me, math is blue. Blue represents the conformity and patterns of math and how it all fits together. When I picture math in my mind, it always conjures up blue math symbols. The only other color that it is acceptable to associate with math is red. 

   From what I’ve heard, it’s because math is generally more difficult and they associate this difficulty with the color red. Considering math to be green or yellow is inexcusable and any color different from the core four is just unnecessary.

   For English, it’s a different story. A lot of English is about old books, and to me old books are always brown and red. I believe this imagery in my mind is drawn from the Minecraft enchanted books (yes, I know it’s a stupid reason and I’m probably wrong, but I don’t care). 

   However, English is also associated with blue because of the calmness and tranquility that reading can bring. Once again, considering English to be any other color besides blue or red is considered a war crime to me.

   Science has always been green. Science conjures images of chemicals, biology and nature, which are all green. This seems to be the most unanimously agreed upon.

   Lastly, history or social studies has to be yellow. Besides the fact that yellow is the only color remaining, yellow is also reminiscent of the yellowed paper that historical documents tend to be made of.

   Our student body has a wide array of opinions on this matter, some of which are incredibly bold.

   For the most part, a trend emerges. Most students consider math to be red, with 46% associating it with the color. Blue is predominantly connected with English to 67% of us. As stated earlier, science is almost unanimously agreed upon to be green, with virtually all of us at 83% saying so. The last of the bunch, social studies, was the most divided among all the colors, but the largest amount of students associated the subject with yellow at 56%.

   A few outliers cited purple as the color for social studies, and two students even associated the color orange with math. Clearly, there’s more than just a simple answer to this ever-debated question.

   To finally answer the question, the general public agrees that math is red, English is blue, science is green, and social studies is yellow. Hopefully, your folders are in agreement, lest you face the judgment of your classmates.

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