Overrated Christmas Songs

Overrated Christmas Songs

Reed Jensen, Reporter December 17, 2021

   Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer    This song is one of those songs that you know is going to be performed by a 4th grade class with super goofy choreography.    It is basically a story...

Fine Arts Assembly Recap

Fine Arts Assembly Recap

The fine arts assembly took place on December 16th, 2021. The Chamber Choir, Advanced Concert Band, and Orchestra preformed holiday festivities for the school to enjoy .
Emilia Belcolore, News Editor December 15, 2021

Unnamed protesters stand outside the Cox hospitals protesting the vaccine mandate for employees.

A Threat Against Freedom

Kylie Burks, Beats Coordinator October 21, 2021

The freedom early Americans fought for in the Revolutionary War is under attack. The Biden Administration is firing upon us; not with physical bullets, but with unconstitutional mandates.  “Biden...

Southside Showdown Champions!

Kickapoo girls soccer beats Glendale, once again, for a conference championship!
Maggie Miller, Copy Editor May 14, 2021

Wednesday, May 12th, the Kickapoo varsity girls soccer team beat Glendale for a conference championship for the fifth year in a row. Ending the game with a three point lead, the girls got to take the Southside...

Girls Track Update

Quinn Brage, Reporter May 10, 2021

The Kickapoo girls track team has been on a terror this season, forcing their way through the competition. Many of the girls, specifically the throwers, are looking up for conference. The Conference meet...

Senior Letter: Lilly Doss

Lilly Doss, Copy Editor May 7, 2021

What the heck. Those are the only words that come to mind when writing this senior letter. I am about to graduate high school, go to college, and, be independent? Huh? You’re telling me I wasn’t sitting...

Boys Tennis

CJ Anoai, Sports Editor May 7, 2021

Boys tennis has been on a role this season. They had their conference match up here at cooper tennis complex earlier this week and placed 2nd overall and are now preparing for District's next week may...

To Dos and Not To Dos, Traveling Edition

To Do’s and Not To Do’s, Traveling Edition

Emilia Belcolore, News Editor May 6, 2021
Summer is quickly approaching and traveling is starting to cross people’s minds. Follow these tips and hacks to assure a safe and failproof arrival to your summer destination.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Simple, yet profound ways to overcome a lack of creative inspiration.
Kambria Braithwaite, Reporter March 11, 2021

Writer’s block happens to even the best writers among us. When it takes hold, it can feel paralyzing. Whether you have a final paper due at midnight, or you’re simply trying to get your creativity...

Boys Tennis

CJ Anoai March 11, 2021

They are currently preparing for their first match at Lebanon on March 29th. They are still trying to figure out their lineup but are blessed to have a great top 6 players as of right now. "I'm very excited...

Boys’ Golf Starts Their Season

Maya Hernandez , Reporter March 5, 2021

After three days of tryouts, Boy's Golf finally has their 16 member team for this year. The first 3 days of March were spent narrowing down the team in order to fill in the empty spots. The players' abilities...

Chief TV Update

Kylie Burks, Beats Coordinator March 5, 2021

Chief TV is a program that grades freshman through senior can become apart of. Chief TV is a classroom-based club that involved filming and editing videos that are displayed in the commons on the TVs on...

Archery Team

Brooks Barker, Reporter March 5, 2021

The archery team won all city last week. In the boys' competition, junior Lucas Young won first place at the meet and senior Caden McCall won third. On the girls' side, the team swept the competition and...

Writing Center Update

Kylie Burks, Beats Coordinator March 5, 2021

The writing center is a helpful if obscure tool available to Kickapoo students. The main purpose of the writing center is to give students a chance to have an extra set of eyes read their writing whether...

Golden Girls Tryouts

Information regarding upcoming tryouts and deadlines.
Caylee Howser, Reporter March 5, 2021

Tryouts for Golden Girls are March 27. Pick up an informational/application packet in the front office or from club sponsor, Amy Barron (room 105). Forms are due March 8th to Amy Barron or brought to...

Boys Wrestling

CJ Anoai, Sports Editor March 5, 2021

Boys wrestling has been great this season. The team had five athletes qualify for sectionals and out of those five have one athlete qualify for state. Tai Koyama is the only one to qualify for the state...

Boys Cross Country Team Ranked 4th in the State

October 23, 2020

After the cross country meet at Ha Ha Tonka State Park the boys placed second, right after the number one team in the state, Rockbridge. The Kickapoo boys cross country team is now ranked 4th in the state.

Is Hybrid Learning The New Norm?

October 16, 2020

Springfield Public Schools has recently announced the new learning plans for students k-12. As of now kindergarten through 8th grade students will be transferring to a 4 day learning week in the beginning...