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    Donnelly out the Door

    After a very successful seven year stretch, coach Jayme Donnelly is pursuing a new opportunity. Let’s not forget the impact he made while he was here.
    Photo by Cayden Harman
    Donnelly was a great leader to his junior varsity teams, guiding them to a great 44-4 record.

       On April 11, one of Jayme Donnelly’s dreams came to fruition; he had acquired a head coaching job at Ozark High School.

       Talent-wise, this didn’t come as a surprise to anybody. A spectacular 25-1 record as a head coach of the junior varsity basketball team paired nicely with his assistant coaching work on a successful 25-4 varsity squad. Donnelly definitely plans to transfer his winning experience to a new organization.

       “I have been blessed to have great players over the years here at Kickapoo. In order to carry that over to Ozark, it is about being process-oriented and being the best you can be each day; the rest takes care of itself. Instilling this mindset will be a key ingredient in what that success will ultimately look like,” Donnelly said.

       It wasn’t the easiest decision for him to make. Leaving a successful program with well-established relationships in favor of new opportunities always has some challenges.

       “I am going to miss the people here at Kickapoo more than anything. That includes both staff and students. This school has such a family atmosphere with the support for one another,” Donnelly said.

          Besides his coaching roles, he also served as a history teacher. Evidently, his knowledge of the past bled over into basketball instruction as well.

       “Some of my favorite moments with coach Donnelly was when he would tell us ancient stories about the background of the mascots of some of the teams we were going against.” sophomore Reese Kimrey said.

       His talents as a coach have won him many contests. However, those wins do not come easy. His belief in quality leadership is a key to that success.

       “What it takes to be a great leader is to be a servant leader by serving those around you, doing things others are unwilling to do, and being someone who is willing to be accountable and coachable. Sometimes being a leader requires things that are difficult and sacrificing for what the team needs,” Donnelly said. 

       His athletes have seen the effects of this firsthand. They respect his abilities and are willing to make changes for him.

       “His leadership made me a better player because he always pushed me to be the best. It improved me as a person because it allowed me to be strong and have a strong mindset. Coach Donnelly was one [of], if not the best coach I’ve ever had. He is super intelligent about the game of basketball and always pushes his players to their best, has a great personality, and is a great coach to be around.” senior Mason Robb said.

       Over the past seven years, Donnelly has played a role in some of our school’s greatest seasons. When reflecting upon his favorite times, success was at the forefront.

       “I have had several great coaching memories at Kickapoo: First is winning a state championship as that is something I have dreamed of since I was a young kid. That was such a special team and group of young men to work with,” Donnelly said.

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