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Cayden Harman, Sports Editor

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Harmans our sports professional in room 201 and without him it would be a hot mess sports express. (Harman is pictured on the left, his friend is sat next to him on the right.)

[Photo] Sports Editor, Cayden Harman!

March 26, 2024

Junior Cayden Harman

Phones have consumed us, placing a front of reality behind a wall of technological influences.

Sucked into Social Media

TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts appear innocent on the surface. Unfortunately, they have transformed the average person into a social media monster.
Cayden Harman, Sports Editor February 29, 2024

  At any given time, we can access thousands of videos, millions of comments, and a countless number of likes from any given user. These may all seem like social media profiles that only exist online....

Despite falling short of success, they met their overarching goal: To Be the Sunshine for Ms. B.

More than Cute Uniforms and Pom Poms

Through heartbreaking loss, unexpected injuries, and new leadership, nationals were always in sight. The end result may have been unsatisfactory, but the path was always worth it to them.
Cayden Harman, Sports Editor February 29, 2024

 Cheerleaders may just seem like bubbly sideline entertainment at your favorite sporting event. However, when they face some of the best cheer teams in the country, their demeanor goes from friendly to...

Coach Jayme Donnelly and his junior varsity players discuss game strategy during a timeout, which has been a big contributor to their success.

Junior Varsity’s Hot Start

Junior varsity basketball is undefeated throughout these first few weeks of the season. Here's how they've done it.
Cayden Harman, Sports Editor December 15, 2023

   When you think of high school basketball, your mind immediately goes to varsity. However, you should recognize the talents and hard work of the junior varsity basketball squad. This season, they...

Sophomore Vincent Mhire takes inventory of his equipment during a game break.

The Man Behind the Camera

While many know him as by his Instagram page "@vinnyflics," Vincent Mhire is so much more.
Cayden Harman, Sports Editor October 18, 2023

   We see cameramen running all over the sidelines, goal to goal. The next morning, a cascade of game photos arrives. Sophomore Vincent Mhire’s video productions stand out from all of the rest.    Mhire...