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Deep cleaning at least once per year is important for keeping your home clean.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Learning how to clean properly is an important component of maturing because it teaches you discipline and important skills. Unfortunately, some people were never taught how to clean at all. Spring is the best time to give your home a deep clean and this guide will help you do just that.
Lizzy Eike, Sports Editor March 5, 2023

   Living Room:    This is usually the largest room in a house, so you want to start with it to get the biggest chore out of the way. The first step is removing all decorations from the room....

SZA performing during the Ctrl tour. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The Best of SOS

   On December 9, 2022, SZA dropped her newest album, SOS. Since that day, the album has been a hit, leading Billboard’s 200 Chart as Top Album for ten consecutive weeks, so naturally, I ranked my top nine favorite songs on SOS.
Lizzy Eike, Sports Editor March 5, 2023

  Good Days: This was the song I played most during 2020 so obviously must I rank this first. The melody in this song makes me feel like a butterfly. Complex harmonies can actually be found within...

Parkview works as a community to create a welcoming environment for students.

A Day as a Viking

Two KHQ reporters went undercover for a day to reveal what it’s truly like to be a Parkview Viking.
Lizzy Eike and Emma Franklin, Sports Editor, Feature Editor February 9, 2023

   For this issue of the KHQ, we posed as Parkview Vikings for a day.     As we entered the school, we met with the Assistant Principal, Mrs. Brown. She gave us a tour and informed us on the layout...

A student clutches an open book.

Why Should You Read?

It is not a secret that reading has been pushed out of the picture for the past six decades. As a result, adolescents face devastating effects.
Lizzy Eike, Sports Editor February 9, 2023

   Since the mid-seventies, teenagers have been quick to replace classic literature with social media. In 2023, it is more common to hunch for hours over a screen than a book. However, after investigating...

Party poppers are messy but fun!

NYE On A Budget

New Years Resolution: stop being broke.
Lizzy Eike, Reporter December 15, 2022

   Let’s face it, hosting a New Year’s Eve party is costly. However, with a good eye and a budget, you can host that get-together with no problem!   Continue reading for a list of supplies that...

A diagram of the parking lot, colors correspond with lane traits.

Issues in the Parking Lot

When the dismissal bell chimes at 3:10, the chaos in the parking lot begins.
Lizzy Eike, Reporter December 15, 2022

   Leaving the school parking lot is a daily struggle and the after-school traffic doesn’t seem to budge.    The traffic jams are entirely caused by drivers who are unaware of their surroundings....

Located on E Pythian Street, the breathtaking Pythian Castle holds chilling history.

Spooky Sites of the 417

Haunted houses may give you a temporary spook, but places with actual haunted history will give you a real fright. These places are some of the most haunted sites in Springfield, MO.
Lizzy Eike, Reporter October 17, 2022

   The Pythian Castle holds incredibly rich history within its walls. It was built and opened in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias with the purpose of being an orphanage and retirement home. During WWII...