Food For Fines


Information presented in the school library.

The school library is giving kids an alternative option for paying library fines. If students have an outstanding library fine you can bring in items from the list presented in the library or stop by for more information. These items will be donated to C.A.R.E (Castaway Animals Rescue Effort). One item can take care of fines up to five dollars.
These donations will be accepted until May 21st in the library. Some of the items that people are being asked to donate include dog and cat collars, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and dog food.
The school got involved with C.A.R.E because they had recently participated in a food drive.
“It’s because of Ozark food harvest. We participated in that
food drive and a kid suggested we do something for C.A.R.E and collect food for them,” Librarian Mrs. Netzer said.
The school decided to participate in this to help students pay fines. They hope it may encourage kids to want to bring books back and pay their fines.
“We did it now because sometimes students have fines that follow them to high school from middle school or elementary school. It makes students want to do it more if they feel like they are helping. It kinda helps kids get out of the fine hole,” Mrs. Netzer said.