Sewing up Success

Kelea Martin needed a way to fill her free time once it was summer and her classes were out. She gathered all her materials and improved her skills to create something new: her very own alteration business.


Kelea after winning an award at the FCCLA competition this past semester. Photo by Kelea Martin

    Being in high school, you have to come up with a lot of creative solutions for problems you may face. For Kelea Martin, she had extra free time and needed a way to fill it productively.

   “I love sewing and I’ve already had some success with my business. I hope to keep working and I think it would be cool for this business to keep growing” said Martin.

   Kelea will be a senior next school year. In between being a full-time student, she is also in theater, choir, and FCCLA while also being in OTC during part of her school day. Once OTC was let out for the year, Martin had two free blocks and found herself bored and wanted something new. Martin had the idea to create her own sewing business to not only improve her skills and fill her free time, but also help others and make a little money in the process.

“I really wanted something to do once OTC got out. I knew how to sew and I thought it would be a good idea to help people while also making some money at the same time,” said Martin

  So far, Martin has fixed all sorts of things. She has worked on dresses, pants, and curtains and even helped fix a volleyball cart. Students at school and even teachers ask her about alterations and she is always happy to help. 

   “I think my only hope for this business is for it to be my side hustle. I would love for it to grow bigger and be my only job but for now, I’m taking any and every alteration that is sent to me and I love doing it,” said Martin.

   Once Martin gets any message or request, she will begin working in the Fashion and Design room or work at home. She also tries to keep her prices lower so she is able to reach and help more people.

   “I like to make it reasonably priced  because I know alteration shops are really expensive and have a really long wait,” said Martin

   During the summer, Martin hopes to continue working and she’s planning to keep the business going for as long as possible. As her business grows, she tries to make it available to everyone and will take any and every alteration she can.