Around the World


    One of the many trips being offered this school year is an educational based trip to Peru.

   Two of the Spanish teachers, Mrs. Nunez and Mrs. Stennett, organized an eight-day trip in order to teach students cultural diversity and the history behind Peru. This trip was open to any student and family member and currently has ten students traveling with a few chaperones.

   “I haven’t visited South Africa before, so I want to see that part of the world,” Stennett said.

   Students will leave early July 9th and will start their adventure almost immediately. Visitations to the Castle of Lima, Machu Picchu, and the capital of Peru will be on the student itinerary.

   Multiple trips to an elementary school will be included in the trip and will encourage students to interact with children and look at education through a new perspective.

   The basis of this trip is to encourage students to travel and experience new cultures and to develop a different perspective on the world.

   Students will be having authentic cooking classes, conversations about food and contrasting cultures, and will be cramming in information about the country.

   “Even if you can’t go on these trips, try and travel in your lifetime. It really does change your life and perspective on the world, it changes who you are,” Stennett said.